The Monster’s Daughter by Deborah Bryan

Ginny Connors doesn’t believe in vampires. There’s totally a rational reason her dad is a lot more bloodthirsty and a lot less interested in food than he used to be. Still, she hangs a cross on her bedroom door. Just in case. When Ginny discovers people aren’t the guests but the main course at her father’s New Year party, she wishes she could save the day with garlic pancakes. Instead, she must face the limits of her daydreams, and attempt to stop the monster her father has become.–Description from


To be honest, I felt a little lost during this book. When reading the opening chapter, I felt like I had started in the middle of a book rather than at the beginning. The story tends to shift from here to there and not follow a concise format of any kind.

I did like that this book stuck with the dark element rather than going down the usual everyone in vampire land is happy and wants to join the cult, but I think this book could use a little work before it lives up to its potential. 3 stars.

Published by: Ionia Froment

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