The Chicago Cap Murders by Warren Friedman

The Chicago Cap Murders

What if your life depended on the Chicago Cubs making it to the World Series? Diehard fans have always supported the team, which has not won a World Series since 1908, the longest drought in Major League Baseball, but this year people are dying for the Cubs to win literally. A serial killer is killing fans when the team loses, leaving them alive when the Cubs win. Either way, the killer leaves a calling card a Chicago Cubs cap. Can the police, the Cubs, and Major League Baseball stop the Cubs Cap Killer? The case falls into the lap of Detective Slats Grodsky, once Chicago s top cop but now resurrecting his career after a broken marriage and years of alcohol abuse. Grodsky’s road to redemption is rocky, however. Will his demons, detractors, and blunders keep him from following the killer s trail? Tension mounts outside and inside Wrigley Field as the team fights to pile up wins and not corpses.–Description from


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“The Chicago Cap Murders” by newcomer Warren Friedman was a highly entertaining murder mystery. I will not go into the plot of the book and so forth as it would be too easy to give away something important and inadvertently include a spoiler. What I will say, is that this book surprised me in a good way. I am not an over-the-top baseball fan, but I found that I was still able to fully enjoy this book regardless. The author does a remarkable job of character building, giving each of the important characters in the book a history and a unique personality. The characters in this book are all necessary to the plot, which was a nice change. This author does not waste space with fluff. This book never loses pace and kept me turning pages long after I should have been in bed.

The book has been edited professionally, making it stand out from the crowd when it comes to the work of first-time authors. The descriptions are very visual and help move the story along as you can easily imagine being the main character and seeing through his eyes. I would bet that everyone in Chicago who reads this book will be smiling and nodding their heads.

Although I have seen plenty of murder mysteries with a tortured character leading the pack, I thought Mr. Friedman did an exemplary job of showing us the more human effect of alcoholism and what it can cost someone who struggles with it. I liked that the characters in this book were not from a cookie cutter and neither did they feel overly sensationalized. They seemed like real, everyday people which drew me into the story that much further.

The only negative I can really mention as far as this book goes, is that the swapping from flashback to flash-forward threw me a couple of times, but at the end of the book it becomes apparent why this was necessary. I felt that the author may have gone to a little bit of an extreme when making an original killer, but then again, with such a litany of other fictional killers parading through the world of literature, I also congratulate him for his originality.

The ending of this book contains some surprising elements and I thought it was a nice cap (no pun intended) to an exciting book.

Overall, this was one of the better books I have read this year. I am somewhat amazed that this is a first effort. One thing is for sure. If Mr. Friedman ever decides to set down the proverbial quill and parchment, he might have a fantastic career as a sportscaster. A very readable book by a new author to watch.

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