Merry Christmas Everyone/What inspires you?

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope that all of you have a wonderfully relaxing holiday and a blessed New Year. It is hard for me to believe that soon we will all be writing 2013 on everything. (I just got used to writing 2012.) I guess since the world didn’t come to an end on the 21st we will all be searching for the inner muse when it comes to creativity throughout another year.

I have been thinking a lot lately about what makes us unique as individuals. Why some people excel at one thing and others don’t. When I first started writing, years ago, if I found I had writer’s block and couldn’t figure out where to go next with the writing project I was working on, I would go to the ocean. I could always count on the sounds of crashing waves and seagulls to free my of my proverbial bonds and clear my head again. There was just something about breathing in the salty sea air and trudging through the sand that would inspire me to create. Years later, and amongst the craziness that life has become with four kids, a continued education and work responsibilities as well as being a couple states away from the ocean, I find that it is now my children that inspire me. I look at them playing together, (fighting with each other,) asking me questions that seem so simple and yet so complex that they could only come from a child; this is what inspires me now.

So, I ask you…what inspires you? Musician’s, artists, writers, creative people of all kinds. Where do you go when you have no inspiration and what is the catalyst that helps you start a new project? I would like to see what other people have to say. Leave me a comment please!

Happy Holidays everyone–Ionia

One thought on “Merry Christmas Everyone/What inspires you?”

  1. What inspires me (writer) is a hot bath and Bach (true). Also, going to a museum, to have a visual experience sometimes triggers an image. The image may not be easy to put into words, but when I do, I’m over the hump. Good blog, BTW.


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