Winner of the “In a Hundred Words or less” contest

Thank you everyone who took the time out to participate in the blog contest  I announced last week! It was so fun reading your entries and seeing how creative people can be. After gathering some folks to help me decide who our winner would be, I would like to congratulate a girl nicknamed Dee, at 

for being our winner. Everyone did a great job! I will be announcing the next contest later this morning:)

In the meantime, here is the winning entry:


“Desperation for a job got me acting duncical. Having to wear a cockamamie costume all day and pretending that it wasn’t scratchy was hell. Don’t even get me started on the the wig. The fuchsia colored thing was so big and fuzzy.

The task was simple enough, dangle a noodle sprinkled with pepper in front of a cow and make a sad face when it doesn’t react. Then I had to sniff it and sneeze like a maniac as people laughed. The best part of my day was when I had to exuviate the clown costume and get my K250 ($50).”


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    1. Its okay. Its Zambia..its actually quite normal when stuff is coming from outside Africa. My parents still cant believe it they have been convinced it was an internet scam. Lol


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