The Name Game

When I am not wearing this cap, but rather my other (also very fashionable one,) or rather when I am not blogging and reviewing, I am working on my non-profit organization. Essentially the goal is to provide national assistance to help animal rescue organizations add on to their facilities so that during times of crisis and natural disaster the homeless pets from all over the United States have a safe place to call home until their family can reclaim them.

This has been a joy to do, and I like the idea that I might be making a difference in the life of a four-legged fur pal. Here is the issue. I have the other board (and sometimes bored) members and we have been trying to think of a name for the organization, since we are now at the stage where we must fill out the 5013c paperwork.

This doesn’t seem like a difficult thing to do until you really sit down and think about it. So I would like to hopefully offer some smiles by sharing the rejected ideas.

Build A Rescue Kennel= B.A.R.K.

Alas this one was already taken.

Fund A run Trust= F.A.R.T.

Need I say more.

Build A Run Fund= B.A.R.F.

again I say!

Build A Rescue Shelter= B.A.R.S.

(also known as get drunk and toss bricks)

Build Underprivileged Dogs Kennels=B.U.D.K.

(and while you’re at it pick up some pocket knives and militia supplies.)

Animal Rescue Shelters for Emergencies= A.R.S.E.


So the search for an appropriate name continues. Now back to books.

also I am strongly considering Habitats for Hounds. Any thoughts?

13 thoughts on “The Name Game”

  1. What about just “Fund a Run” (FAR)? It’s got a good sort of rhyming-sing-songy ring to it!


  2. I like Habitats for Hounds, too–unless you wanted to try Kennels for Canines! 🙂 Or Kennels for K-9s? Just kidding. That’s a great need to be meeting, especially since we seem to be having so many natural disasters.


  3. Forget the cute stuff: Habitat of Hounds says exactly what you’re doing…and, with it’s alliterative construction, it is memorable. IMHO, the others focus on cute, not on your mission.


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