I like my new theme…perhaps too much?

Worm composting
Worm composting (Photo credit: Vancour)

How terrible it sounds when I say I am not getting anything done because I’m having too much fun playing with my worm!


oh and also here is a link to a kid’s science project to make this post a bit less pointless. Love you all XOXO



27 thoughts on “I like my new theme…perhaps too much?”

  1. I play with my worm all the time, even though it makes me feel dirty. I mean, makes my hands dirty. And I mean earthworms! Gosh, what were y’all thinking anyway?


      1. I try my best ๐Ÿ™‚ I am actually spending a lot less time here while I’m on the retreat but am currently in bed after a gorgeous meal, a couple of glasses of wine and great conversation. Right, that’s it. Night.


    1. I just can’t help it! When you go all the way to the bottom and click him he shoots back to the top, I’m such a little kid. Thank heaven there aren’t Legos as well


  2. I love this! Hahah. I am a preschool teacher, and at the moment we have a pile of dirt in which the children are playing with plastic dinosaurs. Over the next few days though, we might add real life worms in there. I have done it before, and the children love it. (The teachers not so much, I get grossed out) Its fun though!


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