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Today I am proud to feature my very first guest blogger. Put your hands together for Mr. Green Embers. This blogger has been actively making a difference in his own life and encouraging others to make  difference in their own. He is also a lot of fun to chat with, may I present the first ever Readful Things guest blog:

Hey faithful readers of Ionia, this isn’t her. Let me see… is there anyone left in the audience… oh just you two there, great! I assume the mass exodus just now was just everyone coincidently needing to use the bathroom. Well, hah, the jokes on them! The lines are going to be ridicules with that many people needing to go.

Ionia asked me to be a guest on her blog, of which I am extremely humbled. This is my first time I have ever guest blogged. I must admit, it feels like regular blogging. Last week she recently featured me in her Blog Spotlight (my words not hers). So, yes, I am that Green Embers. My real name is Bradley, not too many of my readers know this, I plan on telling them soon.

See, aren’t you two there glad you stayed?

Ionia mentioned that she wanted to do this to help show off my amazing personality. I mentioned to her, that is what people say to fat people like myself when they want to be polite. Oh him, he has a great personality! What is really being said is, “too bad he is a fatso!” 😀

I jest, I jest (please no bodily harm Ionia…. What is that you’re holding! 😯 ).

But no, weight is kind of a big issue for me. I would like to say it is not just an image thing but that does play a part. The important bit is that for health reasons I have to lose weight. So I guess the question is when (not if) I lose the weight and am skinnier, do I also lose the amazing personality? 😉

Somewhere in here I am supposed to talk about blogging. I should probably get to that. Hmm, I would have thought that more would have returned from the bathroom by now… I don’t think anyone has come back. Maybe we had better send security to make sure there aren’t any stray bits of a Gravitational Singularity mucking things up out there, those CERN guys always misplacing things.

Right, so, blogging. I have had my blog for quite some time. It wasn’t until February that things really started clicking. I originally started my blog to help me work on learning C# and develop a Windows 8 app. Which I have done, it’s for Dungeon Masters keeping track of monsters in 4th Edition D&D encounters. Yes, I am a geek. After I finished my app, I really didn’t have anything else to work on. I created a new post for New Year’s saying what my goals were for this year. At that point in time, I had exactly, 4 followers. This was after about two years.

In February this all changed. I had an awakening of sorts. I started exploring WordPress more and seeing what was out there. I started liking people’s blogs and was slowly putting myself out there. Then I started making some posts on how amazing I thought people’s blogs were. I put up a simple comic of me that I made in Paint. A 16 year old girl (who writes better than me I might add, just goes to prove that age means nothing) left a comment that she thought it was funny. Well, like all people who leave comments, I checked out her blog. She liked to read and had a small review section. One book was a self-help book called Mindset by Carol Dweck. This book helped me see things in an entirely new perspective.

Many of my readers are already familiar with my struggles. I talk about them constantly. I suffer from depression, not severe depression but enough to have crippled me in making important life decisions. I would run from anything important, I had become a bitter fat man with extremely low self-esteem. I felt pretty worthless for much of my life. The key, though, is that this can change. I didn’t and don’t have to feel that way.

I started making changes.

My blog is now pretty unrecognizable from when I first started. It has almost become a full time job, in and of itself. I now post regular comics (always a crowd favorite). I have my daily Rome Construction posts about my health and fitness and my random musings of the day. I always try to make sure that when I am feeling down or depressed that I acknowledge it and just tell myself to keep working harder. No matter how much I want to quit, I cannot let myself.

During this transformation I have made many friends and have had such wonderful experiences. Ionia has been around since the beginning, really, and has been a great help to me. There are times when she believes in me, even when I don’t, and just having that moral support has been so rewarding. It helps me to continue on. Thank you again, Ionia.

I love blogging. In my life before, I had really done nothing with my free time but watch TV and play video games. Now, I barely have time to do that. I am always thinking about what I can do on my blog, what my next post will be. What things I can do to help me improve my self-esteem. If I don’t feel like doing something, I force myself to work on it and almost always feel better that I have.

Now to show the value of hard work, I now have 147 followers. It has come a long way from when I started.

If you two still here are interested in knowing more about the features of my blog, you can read about it here:

Speaking with Ionia, one thing she mentioned that I should add was about my Rome Construction Crew. What is that exactly. Well first let me explain a bit about what exactly I mean by Rome Construction. In a comment conversation with another blogger we were talking about my fitness goals. I was explaining why it was going to take me longer to reach my fitness goals. I made the comment that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Later towards the end of the conversation she wished me luck in my Rome Construction. I loved that thought. It became my manta for my fitness and I started calling my daily fitness posts Rome Construction.
Now here is the bit Ionia really wanted me to mention. Recently I just started something new with the though of Rome Construction. I want to help encourage other people with their own goals and I created the Rome Construction Crew. Anyone who wishes to join my crew can. When I first wrote about it, my emphasis was fitness, but I realized that was a mistake now. Fitness and weight loss are my goals. The idea of building Rome, is working on ourselves one day at a time and that can be anything not just fitness. To join my crew you need to simply go to the crew page and leave me a comment. I am making little pictures to post in your blog stating that you are Crew member. I have one, but that is a little more on the fitness side. I am working on making more. If you do join, it would be neat that if once a week you made a small post about how your own Construction project is coming but it is by no means necessary. I would love to see more people join. Currently I have one amazing crew member but I am sure he could use some company!

Now, for my final words. I recently have a new feature on My Rome Construction posts, where I do a motivation voice thing. What say that we get Ionia on for a session? Wouldn’t it be great to hear her voice? Maybe if you ask super nice, readers of her blog, she will do it. 😀

Okay, you two still here, keep it green! :mrgreen:

Thank you Green Embers for agreeing to the guest post, you are truly an inspiration!

27 thoughts on “Very first Guest Blog”

  1. I’m so joining that Rome Construction Crew. I haven’t touched D&D since 3rd Edition, but I can’t relate to the need to lose weight thing. Working really hard to get out of the obese category, so it’s very inspirational to hear about someone who is doing it too and having fun with it. Nice to meet you, Green Embers.


    1. Charles, it is great to have you on the crew! I look forward to hearing about your success stories. I was reading on your blog this morning and bought your book! I think it is fantastic what you are doing and can’t wait to start reading it. I’m going to finish comments here then jump back to my blog. So expect to hear more from me!


      1. Thanks. I hope the excitement holds when you start reading it. I’m currently in a pause until I get my cover art for book 2, which would be easier if I wasn’t born with the patience of a four-year-old.


  2. Well first of all, a big round of applause! Second, this was very inspiring, funny, touching, and just great to get the whole truth behind what’s going on. I’m a proud member of the Rome Construction crew, now after knowing it’s spread to our main goals rather than just fitness, I’ve become even more proud!
    Best of luck GE/Bradley, and thanks Ionia for guesting and sharing! 🙂


  3. Talented Mr. Green–consider me your latest recruit. I will do a post about my reasoning later. I won’t take up much space I promise. I’m short and compact:)


    1. Awesome, your name is going on the list. And I see what you did there. 🙂

      Welcome to the crew and I look forward to reading your future post on the subject!


  4. Fantastic choice for first guest blogger – and what a great idea – and fantastic blog from the ever-wonderful writer greenembers…so engaging and warm, really enjoyable to read. 🙂


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