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I am happy to post my review of Briana Vedsted’s “The Night I Walked Off Boot Hill.” Briana is a young author and fellow wordpresser with an immense talent for writing. I am hoping to see more from her in the near future. You can go say hello to Briana over at:

Kindle Edition, 42 pages
Published February 5th 2013 by Briana Vedsted Books
edition language
My thoughts on this book:
I found this book to be unique and completely original. You don’t see too many YA westerns and this worked out pretty well. I have never been a huge fan of the first person narrative, but in this case I actually thought it was a good choice. The author managed to describe the other characters adequately through the main character’s eyes.

When you meet Barabdos Tom, you aren’t really certain who(or even what) he is. How old is he? Is he a ghost or a man? It was these questions that pulled me into the story searching for an answer. What kept me reading was the author’s writing style. She has such a way of wording things that even when you are in a slower scene where not much is happening, the writing itself is good enough to keep you entertained.

I thought the wording she used was appropriate for the time period this book was set in and the character’s speech was perfect. Jim was my favorite character. I liked the way he was innocent and sweet and was happy just to spend time with Tom and have someone to look up to.

for the most part the pacing in this story was great. It isn’t a long book, but a lot happens in a short while and the author manages to tell a complete story in the space she allotted herself. The only area of this book that I felt could have used any improvement was the window of time it took for two of the characters to fall in love. They literally met, fell in love and were engaged within the course of what seemed to be just a few hours. Even for a novel intended for young adults I thought that might have been a bit of a stretch.

Overall this was lively, entertaining and just a lot of fun to read and relax with. there is nothing in this book that you wouldn’t want your young teen or preteen to read, and I would recommend it to all fans of westerns and romance. Sweet and charming.


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