If Wishes Were Horses

One of my very favourite authors and all time favourite books

Curtiss Ann Matlock

“It was not so much her husband dying in another woman’s bed that had sent her into shock, but his dying at all. Roy had been only thirty-five years old, and while he had been in many a woman’s bed, he had never died on her before.”

With comic invention and warm tenderness, Matlock brings a time and place to life: windswept Oklahoma of the 1950s, prohibition, bush-track horse racing–and a man and woman who discover hope in new beginnings, and the tender promise of love.

If Wishes Were Horses tells the story of Etta Rivers, who is left grief-stricken, humiliated, and pregnant when her husband dies. With creditors taking things right and left, Etta is in danger of losing  the only home she has ever known.

On the day of her husband’s funeral, a new man enters her life – Johnny Bellah, a broken ex-rodeo cowboy with a lame…

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