The Meth Conspiracy by J.E. Horn

Jonathan Champion was the “golden boy.” A federal prosecutor who made his mark bringing down some of the biggest meth dealers the country had ever known, and he did it in glamorous style. But fame often has a price, and Champion paid for it with the life of his wife and child. Now, he is a broken man. Scarred, both inside and out, he wants to hide from the world. But it’s not this world that needs him. Champion finds himself taken to a world filled with magic-and meth. A place where human beings, or mundanes, are used like chattel. Here mundanes are forced into meth addiction that destroys them, body and soul. All in order to provide energy for their powerful masters. A crazed old woman tells him that he is the only hope for his people. That he is a mage with almost unreal powers. So Champion must choose. To embrace this new world and pit his fledgling powers against impossible odds or to hide and fade away. As Champion deals with his inner struggles and tries to stay alive, he and his companions begin to unravel a conspiracy that stinks of human misery and ancient evil. A conspiracy that traces the meth epidemic to this new world.–Description from Goodreads

Kindle Edition, 266 pages
Published September 11th 2012 by Trafford
146694028X (ISBN13: 9781466940284)
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My Thoughts on this Novel:
In the beginning, before I started reading this book, I was uncertain. Novels about drug use and so forth have never been my first choice for reading material. My opinion of this book after reading it is entirely different.

This author is witty, intelligent and rather crafty. He manages to bring up real issues and deal with them through a fictional/fantasy setting. From the beginning the main character was more than interesting. He was compassionate, flawed and an all around interesting person to base a novel around. He is scarred both mentally and physically and although you can piece together what happened to him early in the book, you never quite know the details until the end. I was able to care for him early in the story and it drew me in and kept me in the story for the duration.

I found the pacing of this novel to be fast and yet not so quick that you sit back wondering what happened. The way the author handled the changes in the book from the more realistic elements to the more fantasy laden sections was pretty incredible. Even though, as the reader you are aware that things like this could not really happen, J.E. Horn convinces you regardless.

The descriptions are beautifully written and add such ambiance to the alternate world that the author tells of. This is a book to get lost in.

I was impressed by the reality of this fantasy, if that makes any sense at all. The author clearly cares about his subject matter and it shows in his writing. He was kind enough to include information for those battling a meth addiction at the end of his book, and that made me feel even better about reading it. I recommend this book to anyone that likes a story with many twists and unexpected eloquence.

I think this is an author to keep your eye on. His writing is surprising, haunting and altogether unexpected.

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  1. Another Book I will be adding to my shopping List!

    Thanks for sharing this with us and for your hard work!

    This sounds absolutely awesome, I don’t particularly like to read books that have anything to do with that either But this one is like real life with a epic fantasy twist, Magic has always been one of my favorite things to read about!

    Can’t wait to digest this book!

    God do I love your reviews >.< They always put me in the mood to read and then read some more and then read until it's 4:00 AM and I have to scurry off to work with bed hair and bad breath haha!



      1. haha =x I don’t blame you for that but I do blame you for blinding me with your incredible Ray of awesomeness! -Runs-


  2. So true about drugalogues. They seem to either follow the meteoric, violent rise of a dealer or the fall and hard-won realizations of an abuser/addict. I am writing on the topic, and have used digressions into history, sociology, politics, war, and just about anything I can wander into to keep it from being *Another Drug Book* on a shelf that is full enough already. So…speaking of addiction…here’s a morning hit on the pipe of comments. Take care…like W.S. Burroughs said of junk, “…it’s not a kick, it’s a way of life.”


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