Dead Presidents and Artist are Suddenly Superheroes?

Oh, this post is going to catch some flack probably. Oh well. It’s what I do. I wonder if it is just me, or does anyone else think that the movie studios and publishing houses must be running out of material to make movies and books with? I see these things popping up everywhere and I have to say, it is completely lost on me. I can thinkย  of a hundred books I have read recently that were good enough to be made into best selling novels or adapted to movies (indie authors I am talking to you) and yet the big news of late seems to be so and so vs. the vampires blah blah blah. Someone explain this to me please.

In recent memory we have had:















and now

Da Vinci’s Demons










Thank you I created that meme myself. You can go here:

and make one too:)

So if anyone needs me I will be working on my new feature production:

George Washington Vs. Lady Gaga. “He loved his country, he hated pop.”

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58 thoughts on “Dead Presidents and Artist are Suddenly Superheroes?”

  1. I actually began watching Da Vinci’s Demons when it started. Historically, it’s not even close, but as far as story telling, it’s really good. As an author, I really appreciate the characters and story that they’ve created. The same channel did Spartacus, so you know what you’re getting into. I have to say the guy who plays Da Vinci does a really good job with the cocky, intelligent character they’ve written.

    As far as Lincoln goes . . . I got nothing.


      1. And this is why you are an author. Imagine if the cast of twilight were replaced by the presidents. I would kill to see shirtless Lincoln morph into a werewolf.


      2. George Washington could be a vampire hunter. He had the wooden teeth, so if he files them to points, he can stake vampires with a bite. (Love odd ideas born from exhaustion.)


    1. I’m still too butthurt over the loss of Spartacus to take on a new show, but I agree that STARZ knows how to create a great show.

      As for the other examples…I am quite proud to say I’ve neither read nor seen any of them.


      1. They have a lot of shows coming up. Was Spartacus ended to make room or did they always plan to end that way? I know they couldn’t go beyond the war, so I wasn’t sure if that was planned all along.


      2. I read somewhere that they were going to tell it over 3 seasons all along. Then of course Andy Whitfield took ill so they added in the “prequel” season. Stephen DeKnight did say that they were always certain it would end with Spartacus dying though (despite that in real life his body was never found). To do otherwise would cheapen the message of his motivations.

        I’m not kidding when I said I’m still butthurt, either…I really did ugly cry for days at the finale (mostly because it was brilliantly executed and devastating all at once). I also got pretty excited when the chick who plays Saxa replied to me on Twitter ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. Oh wow, you and Charles are cracking me up. Love the George Washington vs Gaga, lmao. ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t have a good reason why they do this… seems like just a fad. It’ll pass. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. I was thinking that if we got all the dead Prezzies and the Dead artist together we could create a comic book league of heroes and you could illustrate


  3. That’s hilarious. The trouble is that it’s pretty much impossible to tell the real titles from the made-up ones now… they’re just all ridiculous.

    But it’s just all just stems from the fact that Hollywood is scared of new ideas… all they want is re-makes, sequels and mash-ups of existing ideas. I agree that there are obviously hundreds of more deserving books to be made in to films… but why can’t the studios just make some completely original stories… there plenty out there! Although… Bill Shakespeare: Zombie Werewolf Hunter does have a nice ring to it…


  4. I was thinking of a Zombie airline where all the employees were Zombies and the passengers were Renaissance Faire participants. Could be called a Midsummers Night Flight


  5. So you don’t want to read my upcoming erotic thriller, “Picasso and Pollock: Zombie Snuffers”? I mean, that’s just the working title, but… Dammit, you’ve shattered my DREAMS!

    *runs off to cry in corner*


  6. Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was ok, but come on, Queen Victoria a demon hunter? Or Abraham Lincon zombie hunter? Some Hollywood directors are heaving some really bad problems related to creativity.


  7. I agree. I actually enjoyed the Abe Lincoln vampire hunter film because I love vampires (not the sparkling variety), Lincoln, and civil war history. I don’t think its weird hollywood is making movies of them. I think the books are weird in the first place. I remember the first time I saw Pride Prejudice and Zombies at Barnes and Noble. I thought it was a joke. Now I see the genre mashup has become a trend. I thought hollywood ran out of ideas for movies when they started making movies of board games like Battleship and Rock em sock em robots- that Reel Steel movie or whatever. Except Clue. Clue is a classic and at least it has a plot and characters.


  8. Well, I have to say I listened to the audio book of Lincoln. I figured it would be mindless entertainment on a very long drive. I fell in love with the book. I generally hate the vampire genre and dismiss as just something I hate (although I remember the original Dark Shadows after school every day and loved it!). The book was actually well written and had some much historical stuff woven in, I found myself questioning what was real and what wasn’t. But then I watched the movie. It burst my happy bubble from the book. I always think books are better, but I wanted this movie to be different. But, alas, it wasn’t in my opinion. I’m waiting on my next long road trip…I think I will listen to the book again.


  9. A lot of movies are made for the young adult audience because they have the most disposable income.
    I agree about reading so many great books and thinking, ‘This would make a great movie’. The sad thing is that so many books have had their movie rights bought, they’ve just been put on a shelf somewhere.
    And for the sake of controversy, my husband really enjoyed Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. He was actually quite impressed with how well done it was ๐Ÿ˜‰


  10. Here’s the thing: Hollywood is plenty creative. The real issue is: How does one sell a movie (or book) in an ocean of options? A title like Abe Lincoln Vampire Hunter BEGS to be given a second look. Jake Nightshade: Vampire Hunter? Not so much.

    Rasputin: Sex Therapist? A built-in audience from the get go.

    How about: Adolph HItler: Kindergarten Teacher

    You get the idea. If your title grabs people, you actually have a chance that they will want to find out more. And besides, every movie and book is a rehash of previous books to one degree or another. The trick is getting as many people as possible to purchase YOUR rehash.

    Kudos to Da VInci’s Demons. The trailer looks awesome. Yes, awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m always up for Renaissance era adventure. What better figurehead than Da Vinci?

    But seriously, I will pay money for George Washington vs. Lady Gaga.



  11. Your post was awesome! If you took less than a tenth of the books you or I read and made them into movies instead of the drivel out there, I might actually get off my a@* and go to see one. As another post said, the audience Hollywood aims for is not so discerning.


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