Rome Construction Crew: Combined Guest Post


Hey, looky! I am again a guest blogger on Ionia’s wonderful blog. Lookout though, I brought friends! Ionia wanted to shine a little spotlight on the Rome Construction Crew and have each of us do a little guest posting. I love the Crew, they are all such amazing people. I am not going to take much time, because I want the spotlight to be on the Crew. I am just a little blogger that helped bring these people together to support one another.

The Rome Construction Crew is about helping each other accomplish our dreams, our goals, our desires, no matter how big or small. As the quote says, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Here is what I added, “and it wasn’t built by one person.” If you’re looking for amazing support by a great group of people, here is where you can enlist:

Okay enough about me, I’ll let some of the members give their amazing spiels!

Gwen’s Thoughts on the RCC and what it means to her:

“Two things have kept me on track this month. I changed my schedule so that I could make my goals a real priority in my life, and that’s allowed me the time I need to work on them. As nice as that has been, I think the support and encouragement of other Rome Construction Crew members has been even more important to me. Everyday, someone from the Crew says something that inspires me and helps me stay focused. I am very, very grateful for that. Hopefully I can do the same for them.”

Mohamed’s Thoughts:

My Goals.. Whenever I tell anybody my goals, I always receive a mocking look, like seriously?! They’re probably seen by anybody as unrealistic and so big to dream of. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, have a look here, I appreciate the irony 🙂
I don’t know, I’ve always believed that when you’re aiming for something, you’re probably gonna make it your summit. Meaning that you’re either gonna reach this specific goal, or lower. Like when I used to be in college, when I was aiming for getting 15 out of 20 for example, I would limit myself, my studying and resources, to getting only those 15 points, or lower. Unlike students whom are aiming for the full mark for example.
So similarly, when I sat down and began to write down my goals and dream list, I didn’t wanna limit myself. So the sky is my limit. I recall there’s a famous motto that says:”When you dream, dream BIG.” So that’s exactly what I’m doing actually.
But of course if I’m ever gonna achieve any of those goals, I have to draw the line for them, walk the path.
So my first step was to find myself a job, and most recently I just did, Thank God. Before doing so, I always used to see another motto everywhere I go on the internet, that says:”Your dreams won’t work unless you do!” Which used to fuel me up into exerting more effort into finding a job.
So finally, what do I take from this specific list other than mockery? It gives me vision, it gives me enough energy to keep walking, keep doing what I am doing. For if I didn’t have them, my life would be so dull.
Thank you for having us here Ionia, I appreciate it greatly! May all of us feel the euphoria of achieving each and every one of our goals 🙂

Saunved’s Thoughts:

Hey there cool RCC members,
This is Saunved. You see, I always used to think that I would be a loner on the blogging platform. Then, came RCC.
No joking. Seriously. At first, I paid no heed to it, pushing it off, thinking that it was most probably some profit-organization or something. Then, I realized that the people I was following were RCC members. Well, I love cats, you see? So, I naturally do have their curiosity. I peeped in onto Bradley’s “About RCC” page and well, well, well…I was sucked into RCC. The funny part? I love it!
Don’t want to stretch things too much now. All I can say is that, all RCC members are really cool people with extremely amazing blogs (yeah, me too :D) and a beautiful attitude towards life. All of us are creative and searching for that lost piece of our soul, somewhere in this world. I hope RCC gives us all a chance to share the lost piece and put it in the right place.
Again, a big big big hug to everyone, and yes…we rock, don’t we?

John’s thoughts:
I listed as my goals that I would like to get my debut novel published and finish the next.

The first goal is coming along slowly. I have a publisher and I have finalize the version that will undergo final edit. I still have not met with the editor or cover designer nor has the publisher return a signed contract. (I have signed) My last communication was on March 23 when I sent the final unformatted version of the book. I plan to contact them next Monday for a status.

The second is proceeding. I have 42,634 words which is a about half way there. The story line is flowing and I don’t seem to have any real problems. I do about 1500 words a day so I think the first draft will be finished by the end of June. I say end of June since 1001 things come up so some days are less word productivity than others. You know how it is don’t ya? Huh? Don’t ya?

Charles’ Thoughts:

My name is Charles and I’m a Rome Construction Crew member!  I run the blog Legends of Windemere, which is to promote my self-published fantasy books and continue fighting for the dream of being a career author.  To that end, I’m going to write about something very important to all self-published authors and anyone else shooting for a dream.  I warn you that I might get preachy, but I won’t ask for donations.  Unless you have Twizzlers to hand out.  Here we go:  SUPPORT!  Seriously, my friends, every artist needs to feel that they are supported because to put your art, your soul into the public eye is terrifying.  So, you might be asking what you can do or what can you tell your friends to do.  It’s rather simple.  Spread the word and I don’t mean that ‘like’ button.  We live in a world of social media where a 140 character phrase can be seen and shared around the world.  We have hundreds of on-line friends that we have never met in person and some that we friended and never talked to.  So, you really don’t know what will happen if you take those few seconds to re-blog, share, or make a personal post about an artist you know.  Even if you are not a fan of the artist, you might have someone in your sea of friends who is looking for a new romance book, searching for unique paintings, or hunting for an unknown acoustic musician.  You simply do not know what your one moment of support can bring to your daredevil artist friend.  So, support your independent and self-published artists of all flavors and let them know that they’re not standing alone.  Now, to get off this soapbox and get work done . . . or play Solitaire.

And last and probably least (I am pretty short,) I get to take my turn. Oh my, Green, does this count as public speaking? We are in a group. So here I was, a relatively new wordpress blogger, struggling to find a home among all the people here and wondering if I was ever going to make any friends, and along came Mr. Green Embers. He was *gulp* nice to me! He made me feel welcome and like my posts were worth reading. As I watched him begin his journey with the Rome Construction Crew I really began to admire him. He is determined to persevere and overcome obstacles and I wanted to be more like him. I have spent a long time trying to be less bookish (never going to happen) and learn to be more open about things and strive for what I want to become. With RCC, I have found a group of intelligent, talented people all working toward a goal of their own. In this group I feel accepted, appreciated and important. There is room for more people to feel that way too, the doors are always open and they even put little mints on your pillow.


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  1. Thank you Ms. Martin for your work and allowing us to come into your Blog to say a few words. Oh by the way I wasn’t the one who spilled the guacamole dip on the white couch…really…honest


  2. This is a nice post, guys! How many of you have read “The Little Engine That Could?” That’s the RCC crew. One more little tidbit. In 6th grade, my teacher posted this: “Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off of the goal,” on a board. Obviously, I never forgot, and neither should anyone else. Great idea, Ionia!


  3. I’m honored to be a small (and hopefully getting smaller!) part of the RCC. You all inspire me…you make me laugh…you make me think. Thanks Green Embers for making this happen


  4. This was a great post and I sooooo stink! I totally forgot we were doing this today…ugh!!! You did a wonderful job and all of the interviewees gave amazing answers!! The RCC is an awesome group of bloggers and people. I am blessed to be a part of the Crew!


      1. that would require me to have thoughts…which is a little much for my brain right now…LOL I’m working on our RCC update for tomorrow. If you do it again I would like to add something just because I’ve been so blessed by all of you all’s encouragement and support!


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