Coffee and Discussion with Briana Vedsted

picture  Today, I have the immense pleasure of sitting down with Briana Vedsted and talking with her about life, the books she writes and how the journey of publishing her work has been for her so far. Briana is one of my absolute favourite bloggers. She is witty, fun and a very talented young author with a bright future ahead of her.

Without further ado, please welcome Briana:)

You can find Briana at
Do you have a favourite book genre and do you write in that same genre?

My favorite genres are western and fantasy. I write books from both genre, I love to write fantasy books because every world is better with magic, but have been told my westerns are much more enjoyable.

Do you plan to write series books or will there be stand-alones as well?

I’ve written several unpublished series, as well as half a dozen stand alone books. It is easier to write a series, because I’m always getting new ideas!

Being a younger author in a tough market, have you learned any survival tips you can share? The biggest thing I’ve learned is that you’ve got have people. You need people to know you’re a writer. Surprises are great, but if no one knows who you are, no one will buy your work. You need social media sites, blog/website, as well as letting people in your area know about you. The best way to do this is to write a column for the local paper.

How have you marketed your book so far and what has the experience been like for you?

So far, I’ve been unsuccessful in marketing my books, and that’s because I just started and didn’t know that you really have to, well, advertise. I mean it! You can’t advertise too much. If you have a blog, use it! Talk about your book! Talk about yourself as an author. Have contests and giveaways, post sample chapters, anything to catch the reader’s attention.

When did you know that you were going to be an author?

Well, I’ve always love to write. But I never really though about being an author. I was going to go to school and become and elementary school teacher. Then two years ago my mother pointed out how little patience I have for helping my sister with math. She said, “Why not be a writer?” I though, hey! That could work! So I switched my major and have been trying to get published since then.

How do you deal with negative/rude reviewers?

I haven’t have very many of them yet. But even when my mom would criticize my work, I got mad. I wished I would have listened to her. Criticism stings. One day I hope I’ll be able to let it slide off my back. But for now, the negative has been evened out by the praise from my friends, Ionia Martin and Charles Yallowitz.

What do you do for fun when you aren’t writing?

Well, that depends. In the summer, I’m out working on our 1000 acres of irrigated and dryland hayfields, and in the winter, I’m working with out 350 cow/calf pairs. But in my spare time, I enjoy making cosmetics, cooking, gardening, sledding, and redecorating my future house.

Tell us a bit about your newest book and what you are planning for the future.

My newest book is a modern day werewolf book. It will be part of a series, and I’m hoping to have it traditionally published. But if I cannot find an agent that will accept the manuscripts, I will self publish it on

*Thank you so much Briana, for agreeing to be my guest today. I wish you much luck with your writing career and look forward to seeing your name on the front of book covers everywhere!

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    1. Thank you for the reblog Charles!
      I make all natural soaps useing goat milk, cocoa powder, corn meal, ginger, etc. I also like making lotion, shower gel, perfume and lip gloss. My mother used to get me soap making kits when I was younger, and my love of cosmetics just kept growing! (by the way, I make a lot of pink soaps 🙂


  1. Great interview indeed! While reading through the interview, I had a thought! Make a western fantasy! Or a fantasy western! (Not totally original as Alloy of Law skirts those lines and the steampunk genre is also there… Anyway, I am getting carried away in my typing. Great to see such a great work ethic, keep at it! (I love the modern day werewolf idea, werewolves need more love 🙂 )


  2. Thank you so much, Ionia!
    I opened up my reader and saw my picture all over the place! How cool!
    Thank you for letting my sit down with you over a virtual cup of coffee and chat, it was so much fun!


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