Adopted Reality: A Memoir by Laura Dennis

In a September 11 memoir unlike any you’ve read, this thrilling, psychological adventure follows the ups and downs of bipolar, and examines relationships biological and adopted.

Laura had always been Miss Perfect—but she just couldn’t do it anymore.

They say not to make more than one big change in your life at a time, but with a break up, a job change, a move across the country, and the separation of her adoptive parents, when Laura gets the opportunity to reunite with her birth mom—she is not passing it up!

Then a beloved uncle dies in the Twin Towers and the tension that has been building explodes. While everyone proudly believes she’s fulfilling her dream to dance, Laura insanely thinks she’s a spy for the Illuminati who unwittingly perpetrated 9/11.
Will she learn to exist between the highs and lows, ultimately discovering her own Adopted Reality?


ebook, 2nd, 205 pages
Published June 5th 2012 by Entourage Publishing
edition language
original title
Adopted Reality
Laura Dennis was born in New Jersey and raised in Maryland, but she learned how to be a (sane) person in California, where she lost her mind and found it again in 2001. A professionally trained dancer, Laura gave up aches and pains and bloody feet in 2004 to become a stylish, sales director for a biotech startup. Then with two children under the age of three, in 2010 she and her husband sought to simplify their lifestyle and escaped to his hometown, Belgrade. While the children learned Serbian in their cozy preschool, Laura recovered from sleep deprivation and wrote Adopted Reality.
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My Thoughts on Laura’s Book:
I have never read a book quite like this one before. To be completely honest, when I began reading this book (my fault for never reading the descriptions) I was a bit lost. I kind of felt like I fell into the middle of a Dan Brown novel and I had to check to make sure that A.) I was reading the right book, and B.) it actually said “memoir” on the cover. I was and it did.

Once I got my legs underneath me, this book was heartfelt, honest and an amazing read. If you have been adopted, have bi-polar disorder, or even if you haven’t and you just want a realistic perspective on either of those situations, you should pick up a copy of this book. Laura writes from a place that most of us endeavor to reach , but many of us never do. She is open, throws caution to the wind and tells her riveting tale in a way that holds the attention of the reader like a vice grip. The portions of the book dedicated to the events of September 11th have never (to my knowledge) been dealt with the way Laura has in this memoir. To imagine the guilt, struggle and feelings of hopelessness and eventual recovery and acceptance she has been through breaks your heart, but also gives you a totally new perspective on life in general and the differences among us.

The way this book unfolds, revealing more information a little at a time to the reader until you truly feel that you have lived a day in the author’s life, made me stop and think about my own life. Where I thought I knew a thing or two about bi-polar before reading this, my eyes have been irreversibly opened to sides of the disorder that I never knew existed. I had not realised before reading this book that delusions were a part of bi-polar at all.

Overall, this was a fascinating, at times sad, at times funny and completely honest book that is definitely worth a read. Laura has overcome so much, and I am so happy that she has taken the time to share her innermost thoughts and feelings with us through “Adopted Reality.” She has also included links for those who are surviving their own journey through similar issues, where they can find support and further information. I congratulate the author for her bravery and desire to persevere.

7 thoughts on “Adopted Reality: A Memoir by Laura Dennis”

  1. I’m glad to hear that a book that unfolds slowly grabbed you, Ionia. I really tend to like that, in both reading and writing, but sadly, most people want everything front-loaded these days.


  2. Thanks so much, Ionia for your insightful review. I truly appreciate it, and I can totally see why you thought you were in the middle of some type of religious/spy thriller! I’m glad you stuck with it, though.

    Andra — I have to admit, I did “front load” the “most exciting” event of the memoir directly into the 1st chapter. Then, I actually backtracked to the beginning, so the reader could try to see how I got myself to a place where I believed I was a spy for the Illuminati who had unwittingly perpetrated 9/11. Good times, good times. P.S. love your blog 🙂

    Rosie Amber — thanks for your kind words, I appreciate it!

    Laura Dennis


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