Is this another ebook scam hitting authors?

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Ted Summerfield aka Punzhu Puzzles

A Google Alert on the weekend led to a site listing my popular “A Christmas Tree For Santa” ebook with an image of ebook cover from Amazon – but no link to Amazon – and a download button opening another site which had a horrendous amount of complaints from people paying money to join the site and download ‘stuff,’ including ebooks, but instead ending up filing complaint after complaint. Is this another ebook scam Amazon fails to address?

Links to complaints about Download Provider: Here, here, here, here, here and others you can find by googling.

Amazon should protect its reputation and its customers by, at the minimum, having a robot check the Internet for reports of scams or unlawful use of covers displayed on Amazon and take some action against perpetrators.

As the Amazon Kindle ebook cover image doesn’t link to Amazon I suspect that…

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