Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior by Charlotte Rains Dixon


So, I am not a huge fan of popular women’s titles and the type of romance/whatever they are called novels that I was sure this book would fit into. Let’s face it, I like to read the stuff that most people don’t. (Except for you Julian. You are my wonderful exception. and I am so happy for it:)

I digress. What I was saying is that I am occasionally plagued by idiocy and make my mind up about a book before I even read it, based on what I can surmise from the cover and the blurb. I knew I would hate this book before I even began reading it. I opened the first page, rolled my eyes once or twice (JS Riddle), considered adding whiskey (now I’m talking to you Charles) and started reading.

Holy Crap this is good! I was literally shocked. May I introduce to you a fabulous book by an author that I am now a huge fan of, Miss Charlotte Rains Dixon. (plus she has one of those really awesome names that is just fun to say a couple times in a row.)

Paperback, 298 pages

Published January 10th 2013 by Vagabondage Press
0615738176 (ISBN13: 9780615738178)
Best-selling novelist Emma Jean Sullivan longed for a baby for years, but after she and her husband Peter were unable to conceive, she staunchly vowed to become the standard bearer for all childless couples. And she succeeds spectacularly. At age 48 (43 according to her blog, Life, Full Tilt) Emma Jean enjoys a rabid anti-baby fan base and her novels have sold millions. But now she confronts a dilemma larger than any that her heroines have faced: she’s pregnant. And the baby’s father is not her husband. 

 Through no fault of her own (he was just so damned adorable), Emma Jean had begun a passionate affair with Riley, a fetching airplane mechanic she met at a book signing in L.A. Terrified of losing both her fan base and her identity, she struggles to maintain her sham brand and her marriage. But Peter is busy embezzling Emma Jean’s money and completely uninterested in fatherhood, and Riley has his hands full with problems of his own. Not only that, her latest novel is a miserable failure, and a Vanity Fair reporter, who plans to out Emma Jean’s pregnancy to her fans, is stalking her. What’s a suddenly broke, failing, middle-aged, pregnant novelist to do? Why, flee to a glamorous resort town, of course. There, Emma Jean plots her next move. 

My Thoughts on this novel:
Emma Jean is a selfish, rich, spoiled brat that frankly isn’t even a great writer–at least in the beginning. Her life is based on a lie–that she hates children more particularly babies. This is what made me love her. Yep, that’s right. I love her. Emma Jean is the embodiment of the excellently designed character. She is deeply flawed, vain, rude and you can’t help but like her. She is the type of main character that you don’t want to be like but at the same time you want to be exactly like her. Fearless!Here’s what I loved about this book, other than the character previously mentioned. In the beginning of this novel, I thought I would find myself skipping passages and hurrying along to get through it. I tend to read classics and women’s literature and really enjoy literary fiction, so I thought this would automatically be at the bottom of my list of possible enjoyable reads. I was so wrong.Don’t be turned off by the idea that this woman is having an affair. It happened, this much is true, but after reading the back story and coming to understand the other supporting characters in this novel you will want to celebrate her choice.

Reading this novel takes you away from the stresses of daily life and gives you a chance to live as someone else for a while. Emma Jean is sarcastic, hilarious and when you get under all the other layers, just as normal as any of us. Charlotte Rains Dixon has crafted a book that touches upon the hidden worries, triumphs and choices that all women face on a daily basis and has done it in such a way that it is easy going and entertaining.

There is some spice in this book, but it fit the storyline and I didn’t find it to be terribly excessive. The author kept her characters moving forward and the passages weren’t cluttered with extra words and things that make you wonder why they were included.

I wondered as I read this, how the author would manage to pull off a traditional happy ending, or if she would at all. The truth is, the ending was happy, but was anything but traditional. This made me like it even more.

If you are tired of the average romance where everything is predictable, the characters came from a cookie cutter and the drama has been seen and done before, give this book a shot. The author clearly knows how to make her readers happy.


13 thoughts on “Emma Jean’s Bad Behavior by Charlotte Rains Dixon

  1. I loved this book and I’m so glad that Charlotte introduced you to me through her post about our reviews of her novel. I typically read apocalyptic and dystopian fiction and a few other genres, but women’s fiction doesn’t fit in there — or at least it didn’t, until Emma Jean.

    I was astonished and surprised by the way the characters drew me into their world. Like you mention above, I sometimes, quite literally, judge a book by its cover. Emma Jean showed me the poverty of that logic. I resolve to keep a more open mind in the future. I’ll certainly visit this “Readful Things” consistently. Love your writing style.


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