For Marie: Make Every Hour Count

Prayers are desperately needed. Please read and send warmth.

Through the Wardrobe

I’m posting this from my other blog.  It has nothing to do with Narnia, and I thank God that it has nothing to do with my grandchildren, but it is every parent’s worst nightmare.  My heart is so full today that I cannot keep quiet.

For Marie: Make Every Hour Count

Yesterday we got word that a distant family connection in Switzerland, our son-in-law’s sister-in-law, had been abducted by a convicted rapist-murderer.  He was released last year from a 20-year prison term after only 12 years and was out on house arrest.  Now 19-year old Marie was missing, and authorities feared the worst after he was apprehended and no trace of her could be found.

The news flashed around the world on Facebook, and people all around the world were praying for Marie, her pastor father and mother in Switzerland, and her sister’s family in America.  Marie’s family released…

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3 thoughts on “For Marie: Make Every Hour Count

  1. The story shocked me. It’s so tragic and so scary to imagine what Marie may have gone through before her death. My prayers with her family.


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