Why Don’t you take a night walk?

  This week has been an excellent week for getting free books. This free book experience would not be complete without getting David Hudnut‘s Night walk. I love to mention free kindle books of any type, but it particularly makes me happy to mention books that I have already had the chance to read and review. That has been the case twice today:)

If you would like to download and read Night Walk you can do so here for free, through Sunday the 19th:

Also David has been kind enough to contribute a guest piece with his thoughts on the importance of reviews to indie authors, which you can see below.

You can find David HERE

tell him I sent you, he might give you a coupon for a cocktail. Or at least some pretzels.

Night Walk Free


This book sort of crosses the boundaries between genre. It does have some horror elements, but it is not terribly graphic and even those who don’t particularly care for horror of any type have had a good experience with it.

Here is the description from Amazon:

Like any cookie-cutter suburban family you know, on the outside the Wistfell family appears fresh from the oven with their Tic-Tac smiles and formica hair styles. On the inside, beneath their Sears Family Portrait exterior, lies a pitch black heritage. The Wistfell family knows a thing or two about the Devil’s business.

Rob and Amelia Wistfell are all set to enjoy the weekend with their four-year-old daughter Eva, but their troubles begin immediately. A run-in with a menacing bunch of locals over a parking space sets off a chain reaction. No matter where the Wistfell family goes, trouble follows. Rob and Amelia have no idea why.

They don’t realize that their daughter Eva has blossoming telepathic powers and she’s messing with people’s heads.

When the family accidentally crosses paths with two thugs bent on murderous destruction, the Wistfells face a life-threatening challenge.

Will Eva’s powers save them or destroy them?

Find out in Night Walk by David Hudnut.

The importance of leaving Book Reviews

by David Hudnut

Why are Book Reviews important for self-published, and many traditionally-published, authors?

That’s pretty obvious, right? Reviews help sell books. A book review is a virtual form of word-of-mouth advertising. You’ve heard the conventional wisdom: a book review can gently take the hand of a reluctant book buyer and say “Hey, this book really is good. See, all these other people have said so.”

Think about what happens when you stumble onto a book online, and it has only one review, or none. What’s the first thought that crosses your mind? Well, if the book was released that morning, ok, it just came out. But if it wasn’t, and unless you’re a fellow struggling independent author, you’ll probably assume the book isn’t that good, right? Because if it was good, wouldn’t there be a ton of reviews?

Of course, we know that’s simply not true. We’ve all discovered great books by independent authors that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed, and yet such books often have few reviews online. That’s why writing and posting a book review for a book you’ve enjoyed is vital to the support of independent authors, and the Independent Voice in general.

So why does this matter? Because without the Independent Voice, what do we have? The Corporate Voice. You know what I’m talking about:

Iron Man 3.

Unless you live under the proverbial rock, you’ve probably seen plenty of ads for Iron Man 3 in the last month. Don’t get me wrong, I love Iron Man. It thrills me to see what was once a marginalized character targeted at nerdy boys between the ages of 9 and 90  (yes, you read that right, 90) has now become normalized. It’s cool to like Iron Man. I’m grateful for that change. I wish it had happened 20 years ago, but I can’t complain.

But here’s the thing: Iron Man is owned by The Walt Disney Company, which owns Marvel Entertainment (the owner of Marvel Comics). Iron Man has been around since 1963. That’s 50 years of promoting the character constantly in various media, with a massive amount of creative talent behind the character in terms of writers, pencilers, inkers, colorists, and letterers (who worked on the comic books), the massive video game companies putting out the games, the animation studios putting out cartoons, and the movie studios putting out the movies. With all that creative talent backing Iron Man, of COURSE he’s going to be popular. And with the tens of millions that are spent annually on advertising, Iron Man is now probably more famous the Hercules, and that guy’s been around for thousands of years.

So what if, dare I say it, you are tired of Iron Man? Or what if you don’t even like Iron Man to begin with? This applies to all genres, from action heroes to romance heroines (Twilight, anyone?). What options do you have?

The Independent Voice.

Compared to the bellowing corporate behemoth of Iron Man and The Walt Disney Company, most independent authors are but tiny ants clicking and whispering about their stories. How can an independent author compete with the efforts of literally thousands of creative people backing ONE character for fifty years? He or She can’t. Period.

Which circles us back around to the book review. For independent authors who don’t have a massive marketing budget, your book review is crucial to helping keep their books alive. Otherwise, their books are buried under the landslide of corporate advertising, and the infinite distractions that bombard us every second.

If you like a book, leave a review, whether it be on Amazon, Goodreads, or wherever you shop for books online.

Support independent authors. Support the Independent Voice.


14 thoughts on “Why Don’t you take a night walk?

  1. Good piece, but I’m such a non-follower. I don’t like Iron Man, and I don’t know anything about it other than the massive marketing campaign. Stay Away – is what I get from that…and if I see vertical marketing using fast-food chains. Now that I know DisCorp. is behind it, hands over ears and, “la,la,la,la,la…”
    Too fun, you re-blogging that piece. Answered so many e-mails. You’ve got a lot of followers. Are you a messiah? I’m telling…and like the old Serbian saying warns messiahs, “Tell the truth, then run.”


    • Lol I don’t like iron man much either but this movie certainly has been advertised a lot. Now if only they would advertise our blogs, hmmm. Not a messiah but perhaps just the first part, a “mess” 🙂


  2. Such a passionate call for action. I love that you include Iron Man in this post!

    Anyway, Melissa (Janda) nominated your blog in her award, so I’m here to check it out. I guess blog awards really do work, right? 😉


  3. Feeling the same way. My husband has always written reviews for every book ever read, and he reads two or three a week. I have not been diligent, and I am an author…the irony. Especially if I saw a lot of reviews already…I would skip it. Now I truly realize how crucial this is to the new author. I’ll do better. I even started posting more in-depth Book Reviews on my blog…just books I am reading for a book club, but good practice…nothing professional.


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