Crabs in my coffee


I was going to title this post I’ve got crabs but then I thought better of it.


26 thoughts on “Crabs in my coffee

  1. I see the back of a woman’s head. She’s looking at something to her left. Her hair is in a loose bun, but it’s become a little untidy. She’s holding her left hand up to her face.


  2. hahaha! that made me spit out my coffee! Sorry been MIA, again….had migraine for 2 days. today is better, but not quite 100% yet. and the tornados that touched down all around us Wednesday night did not help at all 😦


  3. You just never know! So glad you rethought that! I’m here on WordPress because I made the mistake of referring by name to the flat-tailed, dam-building rodents that helped the kids escape the witch in Narnia! I literally had to shut that blog down and go somewhere else! We would come find you wherever you had to go, but it’s nicer if you can just stay here where we know to look!


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