Is Amazon Our Friend?

A VERY interesting article about Amazon.


A couple of weeks ago, I was asked this question by an author on the KDP community forum.

Many people are quick to criticize Amazon, and there may be some room for improvement, but I wholeheartedly believe that Amazon is highly beneficial to shoppers, writers, and small businesses.

I’ve been a customer at Amazon from the very beginning. I appreciate the convenience, selection, savings, and free shipping on qualified orders. I also have Amazon Prime.

You can even find out what other customers have to say. The customer review system isn’t perfect, but some input beats no input.

I’ve written and published several books. If not for CreateSpace and KDP, writing would just be a hobby for me.

Amazon opened the door for any and all authors to make their writing available for millions of potential customers around the world. Anyone can publish a book and share with others this…

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8 thoughts on “Is Amazon Our Friend?

  1. I’ve too have been a long time shopper at Amazon and had no idea of the inner workings of much of what this article covers, in particular the sometimes false reviews being posted there really was eye opening and it all goes pretty deep. With everything said, I too see the positives by far outweighing the complaints and now it’s additionally good to be aware of so much that this article brings to light, thank you for sharing~♡.


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  3. Oh how interesting. I guess I can see where Amazon is coming from on some of that stuff. But fair is fair… reviews where people admit they didn’t read more than a paragraph of a book should be nixed. Hahaha, I looked up Harriet there… always gave books 4 or 5 stars, the old softie.


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