Blogger of the week:)

  I am particularly happy to feature this week’s blogger of the week. She is an amazing person who loves books, does her best to help out authors any way she can and is just one of those people that reminds you of how much good there is in this world.


She has recently started a quest to do something good for someone else every day. If you would like to read about her adventures so far and check out the rest of her awesome blog, you can do so here:

Please go say hello to Rosie Amber


Rosie, I treasure you!


20 thoughts on “Blogger of the week:)

  1. Agreed…something to look forward to on Mondays. Good idea. You’re a community activist in the New World of technologically mediated communications. Being entertaining, useful, and interesting all at the same time must be satisfying.


      • But, you remind me of a walking, talking, writing, thinking Public Service Announcement. I think I’m more clanging…like an alarm bell, or an explorer of oddities that will amuse for the moment. A big difference as far as impact goes. You be good…that’s your space, and I’ll be weird…that’s my space. “This space for PSA,” as all the empty space on TV screens say here when they run short of redeeming notices and before they go back to programs about extreme weirdness. That’s the space I see you filling.


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