Diane Winters: CyberCafe

Thank you miss Kira, for making me get off my lazy bum and write something:)

The MisAdventures of Vanilla

I should have gone to church today.

I swear God, I had every intention of going to church today. There is this cute little chapel right down the street from the hotel I’m staying at. Pretty building, with an actual bell tower at the top and striking red doors. I pulled up in front of the chapel and prayed that God would give me enough strength to enter. My legs went numb. The thought of entering a church again was much easier than the act itself. I put the gear shift back into drive and headed off down the street, reminding myself that my father was long years dead, that he couldn’t hurt me anymore and that it wasn’t the church’s fault in the first place. “A church is just a building,” I thought out loud.

I drove down the street until I saw traffic cones blocking the road ahead…

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4 thoughts on “Diane Winters: CyberCafe

  1. HeeHee! All the thanks goes to you, Ionia! Thank you so much for joining me on this misadventure…watch out world here we come!!!


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