Public Display of Aggression

A great excerpt from Charles’ book

The Community Storyboard

The four mercenaries hand their weapons to the dwarven bartender before returning to their table. A large duffle bag is pulled out from under the table and dropped with a thud in front of their leader. He lets out another bored yawn as Tavris starts handing out wooden weapons. Luke is slightly surprised at the size and amount of weapons that are pulled out of the bag. He can only assume that there is a minor space enchantment on the bag. The two-weapon fighter pulls out a pair of wooden longswords, which he hands to Luke with a smile. The forest tracker takes them and hands his sabers over to Fritz.

“I say we do this proper,” the large man announces, tightening his leather and bronze bracers. “My name is Tavris. The man with two broadswords is Gerdo Rintz. Our fast fighter dressed all in black is Scorpion. Don’t ask…

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