Ever have one of those days at work?

He said she said

I said she said

must we do this

all day?


Then she said

he said

something or other

and who the hell are “they?”


So then I said

we should

and they said

we could


Does it really

even matter



When I screamed F&%K

then he yelled duck!

but I would

have missed either way!


He said sorry

and I said “whatever”

and it started

all over again.




46 thoughts on “Ever have one of those days at work?”

  1. Been there…wait I am there..or am I here… lol Wonderful poem and you do need a book!!!


      1. So, you do expose yourself with the first person pronoun. I’d just deny everything, but you’re a better woman than I am…for sure.


      1. I’m only half back. Will be in my new state the 3rd of June. Brain is crazy.

        What in the world would I do on your staff? It sounds like a job.


  2. Put up with your great poem material for forty years. Now I only have myself to say what I should not have said to me. I overlook most of what I say anyway (sheesh)


  3. At work I call this kind interaction “crazy-making.” Unfortunately, a few people I work with are quite skilled at it ๐Ÿ™‚


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