Editing, Revising, Feedback..ing?

Words of wisdom for writers

Lunatic or Genius?

The really enjoyable part of writing is writing. And reading. And letting other people read what you wrote. The less fun part is the seemingly endless job of editing and revising and getting feedback and editing and revising some more, then realizing that you changed this one thing so you have to change that thing too, then there’s this other thing that someone else noticed that you should also change or edit or clarify and then you die.

Editing and revising are just as important to good writing as writing itself is, but it often feels pretty overwhelming. Often, with earlier drafts especially, a writer doesn’t need any outside input. For myself, I usually do the first two or three revisions myself before even showing my work to other people. Then the feedback comes. Feedback usually feels like getting attacked. It feels like everyone hates you. It feels like you…

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