Bestest beast book :)

In case you might have missed it,

Charles Yallowitz,

author of Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a Hero

Has just released a new book of fantasy poems.

This book showcases his talent at interweaving

prose with his phenomenal imagination. If you

haven’t picked up your copy yet, you may do so here

for only .99 cents!

Okay enough about you Charles. Sheesh. In case you are admiring the awesomeness of this cover and the idea of the claws of an unknown beast slashing through it, you can thank Charles’ wife for this. She did this cover. I have rarely met anyone as talented as she is, she can literally do just about anything without breaking a sweat. You can find her blog here:

If you would like to have your family/event photos made into an unforgettable scrapbook, contact her. She really is very talented and has a truly incredible ability with visual perception and design.

32 thoughts on “Bestest beast book :)

  1. Yeah for Charles and his Wife!!! Thanks for posting this Ionia! I’m so excited that Charles is #2 behind J.R.R Tolkien…that should generated some sales!!!


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