A hilarious kick in the saddlebags

As a book reviewer I tend to get overwhelmed at times and the reviews come a bit slowly. What usually annoys me is when people get in a hurry for me to get to their book and start asking me about their position in my book list. In this case, rather than be annoyed, I laughed myself silly. In case you have not heard of him yet, may I introduce Mr. Mac Black. He is working on a series of books about Derek and the various trouble he finds. You can check out the books





So in my email inbox this morning, this is what I found. You can’t argue with his logic.

Ionia, dear Ionia, is it possible that you
Have forgotten about dear Derek – still standing in a queue?
Your multi-tasking well-filled day I know must keep you busy.
The things you do (so few you don’t) are inclined to make me dizzy!
Being a bloggerextraordinaire @ readfulthingsdotcom
Should be more than enough for any sane person, but you go on and on…
You cannot stop, it seems to me. If you aren’t writing tales
Of fiction, then it is verse that rhymes. The tempo never fails.
Pianoforte is then combined with running a marathon!

Are you sleepless daily from daybreak until the next day’s dawn?
Taking and sharing photographs, done while running, book in hand,
Achieving shots with no sign of blur: that I cannot understand…
But being a mummy with four kids – is that what gets you through?
Are they the ones who do the blogs? Is it nothing to do with you?
How can you achieve the impossible and still have time to eat?
Absorbing all the books you read, and that is no mean feat,
With each one reviewed eventually, dissected oh so well,
An author waiting hopefully for whatever truth you tell.

The only thing I find that’s odd is to do with books you keep
For future reading and review – it must be quite a heap!
And to have a stack of books upstanding taller than yourself
Must be a danger! Have you thought of buying yourself a shelf?

A final word from Derek T: he knows you are working well.
You’ll get around to mentioning him, and help his books to sell?
From me, a special thanks for all the things you blog each day
It makes Scotland and America seem not so far away
Forgive my little try at verse. You don’t have to answer back
But I know that you cannot stop yourself. Yours, so sincerely: Mac.



***It appears he has me pegged. I did answer him. I also nearly giggled myself into oblivion. I would like to thank Mac for giving me another reason to enjoy doing this each day, and you too Derek. Also, I’d like to take a moment to remind everyone that authors are some of the hardest working people there are and ask that you check out Mac’s books.


55 thoughts on “A hilarious kick in the saddlebags

  1. I hope you’ll review mine when it’s out. I won’t whine either! LOL. And hopefully you won’t hate it too much. 🙂


  2. Not one blog now but two AND everything else! I am amazed everyday. You had to laugh at the craftiness and genuine adorableness of this email though. He was so very gentle with you.


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