Captive at Christmas by Danielle Taylor

Captive at Christmas (Captive Hearts #1)


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It doesn’t need to be Christmas to read this steamy novella…

When her life seems to be falling into pieces, Hannah Magnus decides to spend Christmas away from her Vancouver home. She crosses the border into Washington State and locates the idyllic cabin that will serve as her home for the next two weeks.

Mackenzie Dunlop is a man of action and reaction. A creation of his past and his profession. When he travels to the cabin he’ll be in until the repairs on his house are complete, there’s a surprise waiting…and Mac loathes surprises.

Thrown together in the least likely of circumstances, Mac and Hannah find solace in each other after a harrowing event. But once they leave, will they be able to get on with their lives apart?

***NOTE: This is a romance with a little erotica thrown in, not a full blown erotic novella.***–Description from Goodreads

Kindle Edition, 138 pages
Published February 2013
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Captive at Christmas by Danielle Taylor

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I am not a huge fan of erotica. I’m not really a fan of erotica at all in fact, so for me to give an erotic novella a 4.5 star thumbs up it must be pretty impressive. In this case, it is.

Danielle Taylor has created characters that manage to capture your attention right away. I love when characters meet under unusual circumstances, and these two definitely do. There is no seen this, done this before in this novella and I liked the direction the author took the plot.

I was particularly fond of the female lead, as she is sassy and intelligent and yet also soft and feminine the way a good female main character should be.

There is a lot of steam in this book and there are some well written sex scenes, but it is not the average mindless sex of many writings that fall into the erotica category.

The dialogue was well done and felt like real conversation and in some cases it was my favourite part of the story. This is a relatively short read that can be easily managed in one sitting. I think it would be a nice escape any time of the year, not just at Christmas.

The reason for the 4.5 stars rather than five, is that I felt there were parts of this story that could have been fleshed out more. I would have liked to have known more about how the characters felt and what they were thinking in some of the situations. This may just have been because I found myself enjoying the story so much I didn’t wish for it to end.

Overall, this was an enjoyable read with lively characters that never let me down. I would happily read another book by this author, she obviously knows what she is doing when it comes to love, romance and writing unforgettable characters.

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  1. The book sounds great, but for the obvious reasons I will be abstaining (pun intended) from partaking of her book. Wonderful review, as always!


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