Holy S*&% there is something good about Kindle!

So after more than a year of adamantly denying that there could be much of anything good about kindle, I have just discovered that I was wrong. Well, I don’t like that word. I was not a hundred percent totally and completely right. I was a bit wrong, a little–but just.

We  closed down a bookstore we had been running for the last couple years. The economy slowed and I didn’t see much point in keeping it going when the sales were down. So, long story short. We just went through and sorted all the books into piles. The sci-fi and fantasy titles we are hanging onto so they can be sold at conventions (more like because I am to geeky to part with them.) The classics I kept a lot of for my ever expanding personal collection. The kids books found their home with the children. 

The rest of the books will be donated here and there. Roughly there were about 10,000 titles to sort through. At first it was kind of fun. Getting to go through piles of books I hadn’t paid much attention to for a while was like visiting an old friend or rather a lot of old friends. Then after twenty or so times of filling up a heavy box, lifting said heavy box and loading stupid heavy box to new location, unloading heavy box only to have to rearrange setup to make everything fit…I now have new respect for kindle. Got ten thousand books on Kindle? Still weighs in at less than one pound. 

Got ten thousand books in real life? I lost more than a pound. 

So there you have it folks. My well thank you Captain Obvious moment of the week.

There are worse things than being surrounded by books. Like having to part with them. Do well in life my darlings……


46 thoughts on “Holy S*&% there is something good about Kindle!

  1. It has taken me years to move from physical books to a Kindle because as a graphics and print production professional, editor and voracious reader I couldn’t pull myself from the scent and feel of real books. My collection became so overwhelming that my bedroom was being overrun with books of all kinds. It has been about one full year since I defected (yes, I still think of it as a form of betrayal to my beloved books) and I’m finally getting used to my Kindle. The only pro is that everything is in one place. All the cons should sway me back to physical books; however, it’s that one pro that will probably keep me in the throes of my Kindle.


  2. Don’t forget the huge numbers of books from years gone by that are no longer copyrighted that you can get free for your Kindle.


  3. I have a Kindle (only because I won it for free) and it’s quite handy, especially on plane rides and other travels, but I’m still in love with “real” books and hope I always will be. I wish I could scan my pre-purchased books into the kindle, however. It’s always frustrating to think if I want a series on my kindle that I own in print, I’m essentially buying it twice!


  4. Hahah great post. I love to hate my Kindle, but I also hate to love, which I sometimes do. I have the old keyboard one, which I don’t really like… I am quite keen on the new paperwhite one though. Great blog 🙂


    • Thank you:) I appreciate your comment. I understand completely. I hate to admit when I find kindle useful but often do. More and more actually though I dislike admitting it:(


  5. I converted almost exclusively to ebooks about three years ago. Didn’t think I would ever like it, but now the convenience of instant downloads, hundreds of books I can take with me anywhere and they are usually less expensive than dead tree books. But I still have classics in my personal library and a couple of authors that I want to own the actual book. I donated hundreds of books to the Friends of the Library so they could sell them at their book sale. My bookshelves were groaning from all the weight. And moving them is a real pain.


  6. It’s true, moving books is when I begin to most lament them. They’re always the heavier thing to lug, being so dense… I’m definitely a Kindle convert, despite still loving that old book smell. 🙂


  7. Nothing beats the physical copy but….yes, Kindle is great! Unless completing a collection, we rarely buy a physical book any longer. (she says four bookshelves into a long life :P)


  8. I love the feel of a book in my hands too, but as life has become incredibly hectic, I do like the option of not having to go out and get a book. I don’t think I will ever give up physical books though. I cannot wait for school to be over, have my summer reading list ready. I’m hoping to read in between bouts of editing.


  9. I started downsizing a few years ago – the last move prior to downsizing meant 26 boxes of books – I now only lug around 3…
    But I miss them… still….


  10. A very sad day, but I suppose it has to be done – not sure I could myself. I think that Kindles are probably great if you travel a lot, at least you can take your books with you then. I would always want to come back to my shelves of books though 🙂


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