Through the dark of night


She woke on tender angel wings
like dew drops after mist
a nameless, faceless lover
with a tender, haunting kiss

his breath her only warmth
many nights without a flame
and when his shadow was no more
he took with him his name

now she wanders lonely through
darkened forests of despair
searching for his heartbeat
Breathing poisoned air

though not a witch who cursed her
nor ancient evil spell
not the siren’s symphony
to create this hell

Stumbling through brambles
bloody feet and loss of sight
screaming at her lost reflection
in the infernal night

What is this curse upon me
she searched the sky above
it has a name, a purpose
this evil known as love

at once a rushing strength
overwhelming desire
what started as a simple spark
grew into raging fire

from this fire he sprang forth
her new muse was born
and love became a gentle thing
repairing what was torn


52 thoughts on “Through the dark of night

  1. oh I really like this one…
    flows with emotion that has so much in between the lines…
    you shouldn’t be shy…you have a wonderful gift…
    Take Care…


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