Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale by Charles Yallowitz

Bestiary of Blatherhorn ValeFound in a battered field notebook, these poems are the remnants of an expedition to the legendary Blatherhorn Vale. Cut off from human contact, the creatures of this mysterious land are nothing more than rumors. At this time, we cannot determine if these are true notes about unknown creatures or the ramblings of a madman. You be the judge.–Description from Goodreads Bestiary of Blatherhorn Vale by Charles E. Yallowitz

If you are a fan of fantasy and unique original creatures all told in poetic form, this book will be one you do not want to miss. Charles Yallowitz is known for his limitless imagination, and this is yet more proof that he is very good at his chosen craft.

The poems contained in this volume are well written and captivate the reader’s imagination completely. I spent my time while reading through this poetry imagining what these creatures looked like, what their surroundings entailed and finding myself transported to another world, away from the stress of everyday life.

My two particular favourite poems in this book are the ones entitled “Cabberwald” and “Wedge-billed Wolgat.” The way he manages to tell a story as well as offer a mental picture of the creature is rather amazing.

I also thought the book ended beautifully with a departure from Blatherhorn Vale. Lovely way to finish an already fascinating book.

This is the kind of poetry that can push your imagination to new heights and remind you that everything is not always what it first seems.

Overall, this is worth the time to read and read again. When you are looking for a bit of an escape and wish to go somewhere beyond the limits of your own imagination Bestiary of Blatherhorn vale will certainly take you there.

If you have not checked out the other work by this author, I highly recommend it: Legends of Windemere: Beginning of a HeroLegends Of Windemere: Beginning Of A Hero Charles E. Yallowitz

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  1. I will get my copy tomorrow, promise. I unexpectedly had to work today 🙂 Good review Ionia. i know better what i am about to be reading Thanks! I love this stuff. Character profiling through poetry/prose…awesome! Can’t wait to be introduced to your creatures Charles!


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