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My featured author this week is S.K. Nicholls. You can find her blog here:


She is a very nice person that has a lot of interesting things to talk about.  Go say hello to her:)


She has written a novel called

Red Clay and Roses


Here is the description:



Red Clay and Roses is a fictional account of a true story.  Hannah is led down a trail of tears of sorrow and joy in 2012 as she uncovers the ledger’s mystery and her own cousin, Sybil’s, deep, dark, well kept secrets.  In a world that belonged to the white man, Sybil’s diaries and story reveal that she was an unconventional, independent, high spirited young white woman in the 1950s-60s who dreamed of going off to Hollywood to star in movies.  In her reality, she dares to deviate from the norm to open her own business.  Sybil becomes the love interest of Nathan, an African American, whose father works for a criminal abortionist.  Nathan is deeply involved in the Civil Rights Movement and Sybil is torn between living the mundane life of her peers or a life that involves fastening herself to a taboo relationship.  The seeds of prejudice have been sewn by a society that seethed with bigotry.  Nathan is in medical school.  His sister is missing and he cannot know why.  His parents are grief stricken.  The community doesn’t seem to care.  Heartache mounts as he comes to realize he may never know what has become of her.  Sybil’s pain is greater as she is forced by society to accept a marriage to a man she does not truly love.  She is haunted by her past.  Her troubles deepen and her path crosses Nathan’s again.  The pain is swifter and sharper this time.  It is in the light of modern transition that Sybil’s lover is redeemed and she finds her peace at the age of eighty years with Hannah’s help.  Future generations are offered an opportunity to experience a harmony that was not available only a short time ago.

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