How Special Editions Can Help Authors

Another brilliant piece from Chris McMullen:


Most self-published writers publish one paperback edition with a print-on-demand service such as CreateSpace and one eBook edition with a variety of eBook publishing services like Kindle, Nook Express, Kobi, and Smashwords.

There can be benefits of publishing multiple paperback or eBook editions of the same book.

A special edition can be made for free using CreateSpace (though it would be wise to invest in the author copy plus shipping charges to order one test copy). PDF’s and eBooks can also be made for free. So money isn’t the obstacle to making a special edition. It just takes a little more time; but not much, since it’s just slightly different from the original.

(1) Advance Review Copies

Authors send out advance review copies to local press, bloggers in the same genre, and potential reviewers. Some accept eBooks in PDF, epub, or mobi format, while others only accept hardcopies. Occasionally, these…

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6 thoughts on “How Special Editions Can Help Authors

  1. Excellent article, especially for me as it comes at a time when I am pondering again, whether I should produce a CreateSpace edition or not. It really helps. Does one need a new ISBN number for Amazon or is the same, which was used for Amazon Kindle good?


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