Comparing Commercial Marketing to Book Marketing: What Can We Learn?

Not the post. The post is excellent advice for writers about marketing and how to think properly about packaging. But still, LOL.


Commercial Marketing Pic

We’re exposed to marketing every day.

So when authors realize that they must market their books to sell them, it’s not like they have no experience with marketing at all.

We all have experience with marketing.

It’s not that marketing is new. It’s just that marketing books is different.

Some of the strategies that we see every day can be applied to books. However, some strategies that work for other products don’t tend to work well for books, or work differently for books.

(1) Advertising.

If you saw a commercial right now advertising a new brand of laundry detergent, would you run to the store immediately and buy it?

  • I’m guessing not. But if your answer is yes, I’d like to pay you some money to watch commercials for half an hour. 🙂

If you saw a commercial right now asking you to run to the store to…

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Facebook Quotes

I adore her. I do. You have to read it.

Fusteratedreader's Blog

I love my friends and family senses of humor. In person and on social media. Obviously, a lot of this comes from Facebook because that’s how we keep in contact most of the time. So to treat you all, I thought I’d do a Facebook Quote post, to show you what I put up with.

Someone accidently didn’t get a wedding invite and the groom of the wedding said “I didn’t get one either”. Is this not as funny as I think this is?

you ask me white or wheat bread? Might as well ask me if I would have a steak or some dog crap

of course she has a certain allure, a blind man could see that

…my dad was asked if he had showered, and he responded with, “I’ve taken many, I’m 60 years old.”

E now owns 20% of a tractor

Maybe you should ask your…

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About that WordPress pic

Many of you have been very kind and supportive of my recent profile pic change. I appreciate that, but I am going to go back to my old photo. I don’t see the problem, It was a simple head shot cropped from a larger picture.  I realise this might seem like a stupid thing to announce, but here is the reason behind the logic. I thought my photo was fine. I didn’t really want to change it, until I got this in my inbox yesterday:



It’s       X      from           X             blog here on wordpress. I know that you have a pretty big following and I wanted to share an opinion with you on something. You are a smart girl from what I can see and it pains me to see that a lot of the male bloggers are reblogging your posts and flirting with you in the comments. This demeans your intelligence and makes you look a lot less professional IMO. I think part of the problem is your wp photo. It looks rather suggestive and like you are trying to lure men in and of course, they will then think you are an easy target. I like it a lot when you do book reviews and the writing posts you do but all the stuff about squirrels and other nonsense stuff is just to get comments and attract attention. It is the wrong kind of attention. Literally everywhere I go on wordpress I see you pop up on some guy’s blog and there you are bantering back and forth with him in the comments. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with this exactly, its your choice how you want to appear to everyone. I’m just saying that you could have a better reputation if you were to change your picture to something more modest and keep the commenting with the males to a minimum. I hope you din’ think I’m being mean. I’m not trying to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. I’m really saying that people (men) will reblog and repost and talk everyone’s ear off about how great Ionia is and it has nothing to do with how hard you work or what you put out there. Those of us who don’t look lke you do will not get this kind of attention and I guess that’ how the world works, but still.

Sorry if this upsets you, just giving my opinion.



So here is what I have to say about the situation after careful examination. I am me. That is who I am. I don’t want to be you. That is your job. If you don’t like what i post then feel free not to read it. If you don’t like what I use as a profile photo then please, feel free not to look at it. If you do, then please feel welcome to be my friend. I am not infringing on your right to be who you are. If you disagree with me, good. I like carefully thought out debates. If you want to judge me for something you think I have done, go ahead but do it quietly.

In other words, if you are the mean sort who just want to complain:

Bite Me.

All you will do is break a tooth.

Didn’t like my headshot huh? It was too racy?

What do you all think? Is there a time when people should just mind their own business?

Happily never after

                                      Unmarried Announcement


Due to some confusion, we (Ionia & Charles) feel that something should be made clear.

We aren’t married.

  We are very close friends that care a lot about each other and are comfortable enough to tease and banter without holding back. To that end we are announcing our ‘Nonmarriage’ with this announcement:

  You are all cordiallyNOT invited to the non-existent wedding of Ionia Martin & Charles Yallowitz.
Earl the invisible hillbilly will be the best man and Becky Sue the always pregnant redneck will be the maid of honor. All bridesmaids and flower girls

have been graciously provided by Becky Sue.

These two shall NOT be exchanging vows beyond threatening each other with squirrels and short jokes.
Join neither of them for a non-existent banquet where you have to bring your own beer, the cupcakes are catalogue pictures, and the DJ is nothing

more than Pandora.

Hope everyone enjoys the party that isn’t happening and remember:

We are Not married.

*Do you guys honestly think I could put up with his non stop talking for the rest of my life?


*Who brought beer?


When you leave I am a lighthouse

with no beacon burning bright

Stumbling and lost through

a hollow moonless night


I can see your radiance

for miles across the sea

and feel your love so deeply

that I hear it calling me


Where once I walked a path

so narrow and so true

the million steps I took before

were leading me to you


I hear the waves are crashing

like the thunder in my heart

I know not this person

I’ve become since our start


A thousand more rainy days

could not match the tears I cry

you stand on one side of blue

and the other do I


In my darkened keeper’s shack

I watch us wax and wane

the silence is so complete

then shattered by your name


Until the sun arises

and I begin to live

I remain in turmoil




*Since many of you guys tend to worry a lot when I am not all rays of squirrels and cupcakes–no worries I am fine–it is just a random poem:)








Author of the Week

Author of the week this week is a day late because I have been a day off all week long. Wow. That was eloquent.

This author frequently shares his expertise on self publishing and is always willing to lend a hand and a kind word of advice to his fellow blogger. He is a smart one and definitely one of those people who test my ability to return a comment with some semblance of intellect. I have lost a few battles but refuse to give up on the war.

If you have not  met him yet or even if you have, you really should take a moment to go give him some crap from Ionia   go say hello and see how much he does for everyone.

Drop him a hello at:


Here is an excerpt from the “about me” I unceremoniously stole from his blog: Go ahead Chris, add theft to my list of crimes.

About me: I’m a physics instructor and self-published writer. My writing includes visual books on the fourth dimension, math workbooks, golf and chess log books, books on self-publishing, and puzzle books.

You can also find his Amazon author page by going HERE

Oddly, when I think of Golderberger-Treiman and Euclidean spacetime it is this blogger who comes to mind. Doctors. Honestly.

Bloody Hell.

Blog went a little nuts.

We all know that I am serious all the time and thus I surround myself by a group of highly trained individuals that reflect that dedication to seriousness.

*Opinions expressed on this blog are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect actual reality.*

Here is another well thought poem from Mr. Mac Black.  Watch the blog this weekend for my reviews of his first two books, “Please call me Derek” and Derek’s in Trouble.


by A Squirrel

(with a little help from Mac Black)

Why can’t I be like other squirrels? I am different…
It’s not my fur, it’s not my tail, and it’s not my paws.
I have a lovely little home, and through the trees I happily roam
Spreading happiness, and wonderment, and there’s sometimes a little applause

It is convenient that my trees are in the city
Because it gives me access to my favourite food
I wouldn’t go to NUTS-4-US on a municipal bus
I’m aware it raises eyebrows and I do dislike a fuss
I don’t fancy Nuts4U – there is always a ruddy queue
I’m a squirrel who is different and it’s not good.

Why can’t I be like other squirrels? I am different
I’m not gay but I am happy, fancy free
When my energy is low there is only one place I can go
To the shop that has the stuff to make one scamper up a tree

Because I’m a squirrel who’s addicted to eating Pizza
Mushroom, peppers, green or red, with lots of cheese
At the window I stand gawping when I do my tea-time shopping
Then I give my special order and ask for extra topping
As for nuts and those that suit them, I can tell you where to put them
I’m a squirrel who is different and it’s not good.

*Mac–you never stop thinking, do you? I envy that.


May I also include a brief haiku that the very talented and also modest John Howell sent to me in regards to a squirrel related death. Love you John. You are the best of the best and I couldn’t ask for a better friend. Good that you are taking this dedication to serious so…seriously. 🙂

Ionia Goes

She rode the wild beast,

Till Carmine the squirrel took aim…

Taken out for money.

Twist & Turn Cover Reveal

Steamy she be

Christa Simpson

Here it is: my new cover!!! Hot, right?

Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design

Twist and Turn is Book 2 in The Twisted Trilogy. It will be available for purchase on August 1, 2013. Please add it to your Goodreads shelves!!!

Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design Cover Designer: Kellie Dennis                                                                  of Book Cover By Design

If you haven’t read Twisted, not to worry, my betas who hadn’t read book 1 agree that this novel can stand alone. Of course I recommend that you do read #1 first, so you better understand Abby’s conflict and Edwin’s role, and for $0.99 why wouldn’t you??!!

Here are links for book 1:

A special thanks goes out to my cover designer: the fabulous Kellie Dennis of Book Cover By Design.


If you’re looking for a book cover, I highly recommend that you consider her for the job! Check out…

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