Crystal: Bartender and Thomas

Another day in the misadventures of Vanilla, great writing folks!

The MisAdventures of Vanilla

‘AGAIN!’ the drunk, overweight businessman demanded as he leaned across the bar and stuffed a few notes down my top.

‘Larry honey I think you’ve had enough…want me to call you a cab?’

He swayed sleepily, raised his eyebrows and tried his best to keep his eyes from rolling.  ‘Look Crystal,’ he slurred and waved some more bills in my face; ‘If THIS wont get me just one more drink….what exactly WILL it get me? You do that stuff don’t you? Going that extra mile…customer satisfaction and all that…?’

I flushed and tried not to stiffen but even Larry – as drunk as he was- noticed my change in demeanor.  A smirk crossed his lips and he slowly nodded,  ‘Oh, so you do, eh?’ he leaned towards me once more, the sickly sweet smell of Jack Daniels and cigarettes clouding the air and sticking in my lungs.

‘I’ll call you…

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3 thoughts on “Crystal: Bartender and Thomas

  1. I’ve been following the blog since you started writing on it and i have to say i am really enjoying the story! When i see the email in my inbox saying there’s a new post, it’s always the email i read first 🙂


  2. Thank you for re-blogging this for me Ionia! You are the best ever! I’m so thankful for you working on this projection with me and I’m having so much fun with all the stuff that people are sending me as Submissions 🙂


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