A review of White Fang (Submitted by Saunved Mutalik)

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Book Title: The White Fang
Author: Jack London
ISBN 10: 8129120526

Summary from Goodreads:
Jack London’s tales are more than epics of hardship and survival — they are morality plays in which good wins over evil. In WHITE FANG, virtue takes shape in a young prospector and his fiercely loyal wolf-dog. It’s a timeless tale of courage and survival as well as a touching friendship between man and animal.

My review:
Jack London takes you on a wonderful adventure with one of the most frightening, intense and hard to understand characters. When I read “The White Fang”, it seemed as if I had a mutual understanding with White Fang.
I shed no tears as I read this book although opportunities presented themselves at frequent intervals of time. I knew that White Fang would never have liked it. The story of White Fang, is to say the least one of the most simple and yet, extremely complicated stories.

Jack London does a marvelous job with this classic and he turns it the way he wants to turn it without much trouble. The effortless descriptions, the well-written narration and the beautifully crafted thought-process of White Fang and his “laws” told me just why a dog could be so loyal to his master.

My recommendation:
If you love dogs or wolves then you should pick up the book from the nearest book store and commence reading.
One the other hand, if you aren’t such a big fan of dogs or wolves, I WANT you to read this book.

I rate the book on the following points:
Plot: 9.5/10
Suspense: 9.5/10
Action/Thrill: 10/10
Character(s): 10/10
Predictability: Next to none

Overall rating: 9.75/10

A classic, and a touching tale, which leaves its marks deep upon your heart even after you have turned the last page.

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  1. Gosh! I remember reading this in junior high school. Won’t tell you how many centuries ago that is 😀
    Great review Saunved.


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