Fantasy fiction

Landscape 324

I have been really lazy for the last week…

But it’s okay because working is pointless. I am so rich I don’t need to work. I have more money than Trump just in the piggy bank on my desk. I write perfect manuscripts on the first try. In fact i don’t even do that. I think about the perfect book and it appears on paper, all neatly edited.
Everyone loves me all the time anyway so I don’t have to work hard. I open up my reader and all the people I follow are automatically thrilled with my comments. I am done in under thirty seconds and relaxing in front of my mansion eating cupcakes and sharing and appletini with my good friends Fizzle and squirrel. while the kids are harmonious and happy and never getting into arguments…the little cherubs.
My life is perfect in every way that it can be.

So in other words I decided to write fantasy again and I will have a juvenile fantasy book coming out before the end of summer. Just thought if I was going to write it I had better live it. Details to come. “The Adventures of Cecil Cedric”  is the working title.


51 thoughts on “Fantasy fiction

  1. This sounds interesting. I don’t know how you find the time to do everything! Oh wait that’s right, you stole my munchkins from me! lol


  2. I’m going to try another comment without foot in mouth. Ahem…here goes.. er ..I’ll bet you have great no. Lets try again…I think you will be a great fantasy writer. Whew I think I got it


  3. This ought to be a blast. You lived a juvenile fantasy, though? How did you accomplish that? I wonder if I should attempt to live mine, now, but that would require the destabilization of civilization as we know it, and I don’t think the world would go for that. Yes, I envy you :/.


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