Why Amazon thinks you’re Stupid (Opinion Piece)

A rant that i support


8 thoughts on “Why Amazon thinks you’re Stupid (Opinion Piece)

  1. I have tried to encourage people to leave reviews on Amazon myself and rarely do they do so. I average one review per 1,000 book sales. At most people could only have a dozen family or friends rate a book anyway. One of my best selling anthologies is called Twisted History. It also has the lowest ratings. Most of my books average over 4.5 stars, but Twisted History floats around 2 to 2.5 even though it sells quite well. Why? Twisted History, as the name implies, is a different kind of alternative history. It is written specifically to be “twisted” by being comprised of non-alternative history authors writing in this genre. The stories are unique and not at all what alternative history usually is (which is basically Hitler wins WW2 or the South wins the Civil War). So what do the one and two stars say? This book is weird, it’s not like the alternative history I am used to. Duh, it says that on the description and the title. Yet Amazon does not take those comments away. People who are happy with a book tend not to write about it. You get the extremes on comments, either those who want to flame you, or those who actually care enough to write an honest review. I agree the problem is not family and friends, it is the flamers. If someone averages 2 or less in their book reviews, Amazon should look at them. I question why someone would continue reading books if they hate all of them.


  2. Amazon also remove reviews written by other authors, as if writers aren’t also readers! Let it all stand and worry more about product reviews that have clearly been written by the marketing department! (I rant as an author who had a genuine 5 star review removed but not a pointless 1 star one!)


    • That is exactly what prompted this rant! It is so frustrating to see an honest review removed when the entire idea behind this was supposed to be protecting the author from attacks against them! Thank you for your well thought out comment.


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