Gonna be away for a bit peeps:)

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So, I gonna be gone for the week, maybe longer.

Usually this is where I tell you that you will still be able to reach me by email, twitter, etc, but this time is the exception.

So send positive thoughts as I sit on my beautiful tropical island basking in the sun with the lizards and drinking from a coconut. I will be thinking of you all. And hopefully when the sun breaks through the clouds the next time, it will be here to stay.

Sorry that I am going to miss your amazing posts. Hope you all have a great next week. I look forward to hearing about it upon my return.

Until then, please direct all traffic, questions and comments to Charles over at Legends of Windemere so he can give you evasive answers and make you laugh. Oh, and buy his book too. It’s the only one I’m taking with me to the island.

55 thoughts on “Gonna be away for a bit peeps:)”

  1. We’ll miss you . . . especially since you just made me your secretary. I shall not be held responsible for any messes upon your return. I’ll be the cause of them, but I’m hiring a scapegoat to be held responsible.

    Enjoy that tropical island where nobody asks ‘why’s the rum gone?’


  2. Enjoy! You deserve it! We’re going to be away next week, too. We’re going to the Annual General Meeting and Show of the American Dexter Cattle Association in Springfield, MO! Aren’t you jealous? πŸ˜€ Just kidding, but I’d really rather be there than on a tropical island because I’d have to get on a plane to get to a tropical island and I hate planes! And I love Dexter cattle! We also plan to go visit an old house I lived in in second grade that is falling down. About two years ago I stumbled upon an artist online who is making art about the house, if you can believe it! She was as thrilled to hear from me as I was to find her! She came to visit and brought photos of the inside of the house and gave me an original print that she did of the floor plan of the house. Very exciting stuff–to me! But you enjoy your coconut and the scent of frangipani while I revel in the scent of fresh cow manure! Hey, it takes all kinds to make the world go round!


  3. Have an amazing time, Ionia. I hope you will post pictures and stories on your return. (And, anything you drink from a coconut in my name will have no calories. πŸ™‚ )


      1. Everything’s on hold till I’m back up and running ..
        apart from the School.. which is doing wonderfully well πŸ™‚
        Lord, but I’d kill for a nice warm beach! Have an amazing time.. you’ve earned it!


  4. Have a great time and come back well-rested. I’m sure Charles will have a large mess for you to clean up (on purpose, of course, because he is otherwise so productive and organized). Will miss you πŸ™‚


  5. Ahhh, relief. See, I was catching up on all the posts I’d missed and I started to panic when I hadn’t seen anything from you. Now I can stop biting my nails with worry πŸ™‚ Enjoy your much earned R&R!!


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