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So, I have about a million and  a half things to do today. You know what? I’m not going to accomplish most of them. I’m feeling sorry for myself here peeps. No, really. Ionia is a spoiled brat. I used to be able to manage almost everything I had planned for a day even when I had more going on than I do now. Now, I’m failing fabulously.


Do you guys ever wish you could clone yourself so one of you could actually be accomplishing something while the other zoned out to music and did nothing? Yep. That’s me today. I have big ambitions and small amounts of desire to complete any of them.




Tomorrow I’m really going to do something. Really. I think. Love you guys XOXO


77 thoughts on “Doldrums

  1. I take the Doldrums as a sign that some relaxing, me-time and recharging is in order – – have fun on the “Me Day” I just know you’re going to take – -!! LOL


  2. Aw. Well it’s so good to see you back anyway 🙂 Take your time, listen to some music, shill the f*ck out, have a cupcake. That’s an official beautiful orange prescription by the way. Hope you’re feeling ok(ish). Missed your posts while you were away!


  3. It is perfectly acceptable to relax and take time to do absolutely nothing! But, I think it is wise to set a time limit for how long you will allow that attitude. Otherwise, inactivity can breed inactivity.


  4. You are charming, intelligent, witty, kind and beautiful inside and out. We all miss you, but nobody can be everything all of the time. We miss you and we need you, but you need you too, Take it slow. One Day At A Time 🙂


  5. I’m in the doldrums too. Haven’t done anything. And yes, I sometimes wish I could clone myself. But then I’d worry about how to support myself. Oh wait. I wouldn’t have to worry. The clone could support us both.


  6. It happens to the best of us, maybe you just need some downtime and if so then take it it is deserved. And as far as the clones go…why should both of us be tired what fun would that be. 🙂


  7. Brat, my foot. Take a break. Take a letter. Take a memo. Take five. Take ten. Take a number. But remember that GIvers sometimes have to Take in order to recharge and continue giving.
    Reliable nostrum seems to be a beerr, a bong, a book, a bath and some Bach. Minus the beer, perhaps.


  8. Sister, this is me every day! I wish I clone myself to actually get some of the stuff I WANT to do done. Other obligations always manage to get in the way.

    I’m prescribing heavy doses of R&R!


  9. Ease back into it and give no apologies for it. Also, I’d recommend NOT doing in the clone thing. They can turn on you and I’m not sure the world can handle multiple Ionias. Although, it would make world domination a lot easier.


  10. Ionia, chemo kills cancer cells, but it is hard on good cells, too! You need some BIG down time to get over it! Don’t feel guilty about it, either! You deserve it! Take good care of yourself!


  11. I say, kick up your heels and chill for a bit! I have a hard time not “doing” all the time. My doctor said I need to learn to be still! lol So, I wrote “be still” into my schedule. Yes, I schedule down time…kind of compulsive…but at least I’m being obedient to Drs orders! 🙂


  12. Enjoy your downtime – you deserve it! 🙂
    (Is it wrong that I’m looking forward to world domination via Ionia clones. I think it’d be fun.)
    (Oh, and if i cloned myself, we’d both end up rocking out to music and planning ridiculous parties. It would be mayhem!).


  13. I very much know the feeling! I think a clone of me would be scary though… managing me is hard enough I could imagine dealing with another me! Yes, take time for yourself! I like the Orangescription up there, hope you’re following it! 😀


  14. Damn it Ionia! I thought you were only going to be commenting but you’ve posted four things today! Four effin’ posts! And two of them were reviews! I’m sure you’ve been told what you’re body has just been through! You need to rest so you’re body has a chance to regenerate healthy new cells! Yeah, I’m going to cuss and if you don’t behave I might throw in multiple exclamation points and all caps! Think I’m going to do it anyway. LISTEN TO ME!!!! RELAX!!!! Okay, maybe the exclamation points and all caps don’t help with the suggestion to relax. Let’s try that again. Oooooommmmm. Reeeeelllllaaaaaxxxxx. Take it easy. Chill out or I’ll conspire with Charles to have Fizzle “crop-dust” you with a rainbow haze that has you hallucinating about cupcakes and squirrels.


  15. In my experience, there’s always at least one day of doldrums after a vacation. Give yourself time. You’ll be back cracking the whip in no time (just try not to aim at me :))!


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