I need Help from all my published author friends who use bookmarks.

Help with bookmark please!

S.K. Nicholls

What do you write on the front and back of a bookmark.  Aside from the cover image, what more can you say on a 2 X 7  card?

Seriously, I need to know.

A one sentence blurb, a brief author bio, simply the book title, contact info???  What actually goes on there?

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3 thoughts on “I need Help from all my published author friends who use bookmarks.

  1. I”m not quite yet a published author – but when I did seminars/classes at the local library and for work “Lunch -n- Learns” I always handed out bookmarks with top points from the subject matter, quotes, or information where participants could find ‘more’ of what was covered during the lecture – – – Don’t know if any of these ideas will translate over, but thought I’d share, anyways….


  2. My cover designer did mine with a quote from my book at the bottom. My name and book title at the top and a pic of my heroine filling up the rest.


  3. Thanks to Vista Print you can do a bookmark inexpensively and in color. There’s probably other online services like that as well.

    My bookmark is 3-1/2 by 8-1/2 so it’s pretty big. I decided on the content on my own.

    On the front, I put the title, kind of book (adventure novel for children 8 and older), a short description of the book, the cover of the book, and a note about the free how-to ebooklet I offer and where anyone interested in getting a dog could go to download it. At the bottom I put my name and email address.

    On the back, I put that the book is available POD on Amazon and Barnes and Noble and as an ebook for Nook and Kindle. A sentence about who/how to contact for signings, readings or other book events and a photo of a four leaf clover. Yes, the same clover on my blog (which I haven’t done anything with in a while…gotta get on that).


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