Me too

Sunset & Sky 013

Me too he says
to everything I say
Me too I say
in exactly the same way

A careless thought repeated
that was meant to stay inside
three little words so simple
yet impossible to hide

Like magnets drawn together
yet forced to opposing ends
cuts, bruises and breaking
with no way to mend

two lives, two hearts
with distance
a space so wide between
when I say two little words
he knows just what I mean

I say it is forever
although it can’t be true
and when I admit all my truths
he smiles and says me too.


42 thoughts on “Me too

  1. Really liked the sense of dialog in this piece. The three words that can’t last forever but gets the me too response as if it will. Nice. Also reminded me of “Ditto,” in the movie Ghost.


  2. I really like the tone of this poem. You can feel the physical distance, yet the two are close a deep emotional level. Wonderful poem…keep ’em coming…cuz we both know I’m selfish and I need my Ionia poem fix! lol


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