The train of thought derails

Has anyone else been having issues getting wordpress to upload photos since the recent revamp? I’m about to go F mad trying to get it to work.


There is a lovely picture of a train right here. If you close your eyes you can imagine it. Hey wait–open your eyes and read my bloody post!


Okay that had nothing to do with this post.


It seems as though I used to accomplish a lot in one day. Since beginning on the chemo again, my train of thought seems to derail more than it stays on the tracks. I just wanted to let you all know that I am working on trying to write the half-way intelligent posts that I used to write pre-chemo. I miss those moments when I would sit down to write a post and the inspiration was just there. Now, I am busy trying to remember what I was trying to think and I find that I am distracted most of the time.


The odd thing is, everyone warned me that I would be really tired after this. I’m not. I’m just flighty and silly and can’t keep a thought in my head for more than a few seconds. I am boring you. I know. At least I can still do that.


So the point in this pointless post (again) is that I find myself at an impasse. I, for once, have no idea what to blog about. What would you all like to see more of? The book reviews will happen as I am able, but other than that–ideas would be appreciated. More writing related topics? Guest blogs? Help. I’m stuck. I have too much fog in my head to figure out where to go from here. What is your favourite part of my ridiculous blog?


So I am going to try my best to get back to the pre-chemo me. I am going to read blogs today, refocus my attention and …hey look a squirrel.

Not be so easily distracted.


49 thoughts on “The train of thought derails

  1. The loveliest part of the blog post was that it was an honest thought, put forth with so much of innocence. I like every bit of it. Thoughts are always like that. It happens to me too. But writing whatever strikes your mind is actually “writing” in truest sense.

    A write-up, written keeping the taste of others in mind, will not be as nice as a random thought – personal and up-front.

    Keep writing a line or two – after all, blog posts are meant to vent out feelings – beautiful or ugly. Let the thoughts flow.

    Cheers to your derailed thought! Gosh, it made me write so much. πŸ˜€


  2. Wow, chemo? I had no idea. Again? I’m so sorry you’re going through this.
    If it helps, I did imagine a very lovely train, and it was sitting patiently at the station waiting for you. Hop aboard and let it take you on an adventure – hey, write about a train journey. πŸ™‚


  3. At the same time as wishing all the wellness fairies in the world visit you, I think most of your readers know that feeling of not knowing what to blog about. Iona, you sometimes have tired us all with your energy! Now enjoy your blog, write whatever’s on top of your mind, even if it is about how you’re feeling. If you force yourself to write it just won’t come out the same. Write from the heart as you have here πŸ™‚


  4. My mother went through chemo treatment a few years ago and it ‘s such a draining thing to go through, but with your bright and fighting spirit~*~* I’m sure you’ll power through. And as far as your blogging goes just write whenever you’re inspired and keep it from the heart like you always have~β™‘ =).


  5. Your poetry was excellent, Ionia. Perhaps you could try some more? Best of luck with the chemo, I had no idea you were going through this. It will make me happy just to see you writing anything here. Even the reblogs have been entertaining and helpful. πŸ™‚


  6. I think the best part of your blog is you, Ionia! Your poetry is beautiful, and I do like Charles’ suggestion to write letters to the different genres. But I’m also a fan of randomness and small furry animals brandishing baked goods, too.


  7. I’ve really been loving your poetry. But maybe guest blogs would be helpful. Think up questions and then trow them (and some cupcakes) at people. Maybe that will give you some fresh ideas, too. Hope you get to feeling better really soon! You’re in my prayers.


  8. Being focused and having a point is overrated anyway.

    If I was a religious person, I would worship the Lord of Pointlessness. So hooray to pointless posts! (like this post I’m writing)


  9. You could write about anything and I would be entertained, Ionia. In fact, you just did it with this post. You have that unique quality that best-selling authors have – a natural ability to connect with readers and entertain them. The readers continue to buy their books because of who they are and we will continue to read your blog, every word, because of who you are.


    • When I make millions publishing this blog as a book and then run away because I can’t handle the pressure–I am leaving everything to you. Including Charles. I will write the directives now.

      You are so special Melissa and I am so lucky to count you among my friends.


      • Thank you so much Ionia! As my husband would say, β€œThat’s a two-way street.” I seem to have gotten the better end of this deal because you are the real treasure. Thank you so much for your friendship, the encouraging words and the endless laughs. Oh, and I have a feeling there is nothing you can’t handle, Ionia. Let me say it again, “Though she be but little, she is fierce.”


  10. The fog will fade, or so I’m told. Until then, do whatever you fancy. The amount of comments on this post is indicative of the amazing people that value your voice, not just your words.


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