Have you ever wanted so much


Have you ever wanted so much

to reach out and help a friend?

To touch someone inside the heart

The way that they have done?


Do you ever get the feeling

that someone you love is lost

someone so dear and important

you would go no matter the cost


Do you ever wish to hug them

be there to hold a hand

pick them up, dust them off

help them from the sand


If you’ve ever really cared

about someone so deep

think of friends as seeds sown

and the benefits we reap


Always there

always here

alwaysย  time to listen

always ease your fears









32 thoughts on “Have you ever wanted so much

  1. What a sincere and sweetly worded piece of prose. You are such a special angel sometimes that all your naughtiness from other times must be forgiven by anyone who knows you ๐Ÿ™‚


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