Mac Attack!

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So my good friend and awesome author Mac Black is up to his tricks again. Really, he is wonderful. He makes me laugh even when I feel terrible–Which I suspect he does for most people. I looked in my email inbox and what should I find? A poem that brightened my day and I had to share with you all. Don’t forget to check out Mac’s novels by going here:

Mac Black’s books

So here is the wonderful poem he wrote:

Do you fancy being a character in my book?
by Mac Black.

Do you fancy being a character in my book?
You are my inspiration, my hero, when I look
But when I try to create a plot
It goes downhill sure as not
And you are bound to end up
Bumped off – just dumped in a parking lot.

For I have this urge to kill my characters off.
Other authors have this tendency to scoff
At my inability to keep
My hero from being murdered in his sleep
Being strangled by his lady friend for a date he didn’t keep.

Do you fancy being a character in my book?
I have death and mayhem everywhere I look
There will be a stabbing in your jug-ul-ar
Though the story won’t have progressed far
Because unfortunately, for rhyming needs,
I had to make you the burg-u-lar!

If you fancy being a character in my story
Please help me find a way that isn’t gory
That will have you living through
And beyond chapter twenty-two

I want a good conclusion
Help me shatter my illusion
And I am sure there is a way
Though the plot may have to pay …perhaps,

If you slip me an extra fiver
I’d find a solution …A survivor
Please don’t ask for any cash-backs
That would only spoil the climax
Live it up and be a character in my book!

* Thank you Mac–for being you. I want an unusual death. It can’t be conventional and it must involve a squirrel.

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