Author of the Week

Author of the week this week is a day late because I have been a day off all week long. Wow. That was eloquent.

This author frequently shares his expertise on self publishing and is always willing to lend a hand and a kind word of advice to his fellow blogger. He is a smart one and definitely one of those people who test my ability to return a comment with some semblance of intellect. I have lost a few battles but refuse to give up on the war.

If you have not Β met him yet or even if you have, you really should take a moment to go give him some crap from Ionia Β  go say hello and see how much he does for everyone.

Drop him a hello at:


Here is an excerpt from the “about me” I unceremoniously stole from his blog: Go ahead Chris, add theft to my list of crimes.

About me: I’m a physics instructor and self-published writer. My writing includes visual books on the fourth dimension, math workbooks, golf and chess log books, books on self-publishing, and puzzle books.

You can also find his Amazon author page by going HERE

Oddly, when I think of Golderberger-Treiman and Euclidean spacetime it is this blogger who comes to mind. Doctors. Honestly.

Bloody Hell.


103 thoughts on “Author of the Week

  1. Congratulations Chris! Seems like it is well deserved! I’m with Charles though… I’m just a wee bit intimidated… all this fourth dimensional stuff. (Reminds me of Back to the Future… you’re not thinking fourth dimensionally… yeah I have a problem with that, lol.) Chess I can do though, although I am rather bad at it. Still fun to play. πŸ™‚


  2. I had to check out Chris’ blog – I dated a Physics professor. That is all I will say about that;).

    Actually, I will check out his writing. I enjoyed perusing some of his posts and I dig the fourth dimension stuff. Hell, I dated it for three years.


  3. So I’m probably the last of your followers to read this. πŸ™‚ Thank you. It’s the first time I’ve every been ‘anything’ of the week anywhere.

    “Oddly, when I think of Golderberger-Treiman and Euclidean spacetime it is this blogger who comes to mind.” That’s probably the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. πŸ™‚ (Even though you tried to spoil it three words later. πŸ™‚ )


    • Oh crap I am about to get mushy. Forgive me for this comment. I am sober.


      You are truly an amazing and in my opinion way way waaaaay under appreciated blogger. Your information is always useful and you are kind to everyone. I had working on my PhD in Psychoneurology and brain studies, and I truly respect anyone who has made it through school and become something great as you have.

      I am out commenting you again. Ha! Okay back to mushy. I have learned so many things from reading your blog that I have then been able to adapt into my own work life and tell others about (I give credit really.) There are numerous times each week where I tell a blogger “Go talk to Chris.” I have a site link saved for your site so I can give them a quick reference. I have never had the desire to do that for another blogger. You always seem to have the answers to the questions I am about to ask…which I appreciate. It saves me from having to think so much. (Just what a professor wants to hear, no?)

      I am lucky to have your guidance and advice and many other people are as well. Hug you for all of us.

      The way you look at self publishing as not a last resort but a choice is inspiring and makes me smile and feel good about all the hard working people out there. So… (yes there is a point) I want to thank you. For all you do for this blogging, writing and publishing community as well as what you do for your students. You are a gift to us all.

      oh chrysanthemum that was a long comment.

      You are destroying me one word at a time.


      • If you’re being destroyed one word at a time, you really have incentive to write an epic. πŸ™‚

        I believe that comment about self-publishing not as a last resort. What I have trouble understanding are the few indies who achieve incredible success on their own and then traditionally publish. If that was their childhood ream, then okay, maybe. But otherwise…

        I also believe in paying it forward. If those who achieve at least mild success lend a helping hand to others, what a positive difference that will make. (Congratulations to all who already do this.)

        Thanks for all of your support.

        (By the way, a Ph.D. is a license to be long-winded. Are you a licensed practitioner? Ha!) πŸ™‚


      • I am certainly working on it. I like the idea of having a right to babble. Why did I not know about this before? You have been holding out on me.

        I have done both, traditional and self. I like the control self publishing gives the author. I think a lot of authors get stars in their eyes when they think in terms of “making it big.” Little do they realise that most small to mid-list authors spend more than they make working on their own marketing campaigns, Traditional has been good to me, but now that contract time is coming again, I may very well decide to strike out fully on my own. I have been doing this for years and it just seems like it might be time for me to take control.

        I see you posted something. I am an addict.


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