When you leave I am a lighthouse

with no beacon burning bright

Stumbling and lost through

a hollow moonless night


I can see your radiance

for miles across the sea

and feel your love so deeply

that I hear it calling me


Where once I walked a path

so narrow and so true

the million steps I took before

were leading me to you


I hear the waves are crashing

like the thunder in my heart

I know not this person

I’ve become since our start


A thousand more rainy days

could not match the tears I cry

you stand on one side of blue

and the other do I


In my darkened keeper’s shack

I watch us wax and wane

the silence is so complete

then shattered by your name


Until the sun arises

and I begin to live

I remain in turmoil




*Since many of you guys tend to worry a lot when I am not all rays of squirrels and cupcakes–no worries I am fine–it is just a random poem:)









53 thoughts on “Disassociative

  1. This really is quite brilliant. So emotional. *HUG*. Thank you for sharing! I know just what you mean about not being squirrels and cupcakes all the time (of course you know that, lol).


    • Sahm, coming from you–who I truly think of as such a rare and unequaled talent–this comment means much. I have only recently begun writing poems, and my nerves often prevent me from posting what I write. Your backing means so much my friend.


  2. Well, just when I had enjoyed your writing, Iona, & was ready comment, I’ve got sidetracked with the comments. That one where a female blogger said your grav. looks like a slut – SHE’S WRONG. She just is. It’s an engaging gravatar, wide-eyed. That she decides that’s “slut” is her problem. It didn’t cross my mind at all, I can assure you. I simply thought you have an attractive avatar. Hell’s bells. I’m glad you’ve changed it back.

    Great exchange with John W. Seems a real man.


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