Comparing Commercial Marketing to Book Marketing: What Can We Learn?

Not the post. The post is excellent advice for writers about marketing and how to think properly about packaging. But still, LOL.


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We’re exposed to marketing every day.

So when authors realize that they must market their books to sell them, it’s not like they have no experience with marketing at all.

We all have experience with marketing.

It’s not that marketing is new. It’s just that marketing books is different.

Some of the strategies that we see every day can be applied to books. However, some strategies that work for other products don’t tend to work well for books, or work differently for books.

(1) Advertising.

If you saw a commercial right now advertising a new brand of laundry detergent, would you run to the store immediately and buy it?

  • I’m guessing not. But if your answer is yes, I’d like to pay you some money to watch commercials for half an hour. 🙂

If you saw a commercial right now asking you to run to the store to…

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  1. First off you said packaging and I must be in that sort of mind so I LOL on my own.

    ANYWAY……I like these posts and I so attempt and yet I fall through somehow :/ 2 days go by, 1 hour, 5 seconds and boom everything seems undone.


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