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I adore her. I do. You have to read it.

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I love my friends and family senses of humor. In person and on social media. Obviously, a lot of this comes from Facebook because that’s how we keep in contact most of the time. So to treat you all, I thought I’d do a Facebook Quote post, to show you what I put up with.

Someone accidently didn’t get a wedding invite and the groom of the wedding said “I didn’t get one either”. Is this not as funny as I think this is?

you ask me white or wheat bread? Might as well ask me if I would have a steak or some dog crap

of course she has a certain allure, a blind man could see that

…my dad was asked if he had showered, and he responded with, “I’ve taken many, I’m 60 years old.”

E now owns 20% of a tractor

Maybe you should ask your…

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