Blogger Spotlight!

She never ceases to amaze me with her kindness and generosity. Love this lady! I am once more, humbled.

When I Became an Author

Blogger spotlight of the week is: Ionia Anatolia Mariah Florescu-Martin (She goes by Ionia, but her whole name is too beautiful not to be thrown out there every once and awhile!) from over at She’s a book reviewer, a guest blogger, a poet, an author, and one awesome person in general! She’s one of the sweetest people on wordpress, and if you’re not following her already, you’re missing out on some pretty hilarious posts.
Some of Ionia’s links to check out:

And I almost forgot her other blog, the Community Storyboard:

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17 thoughts on “Blogger Spotlight!

  1. My eyes had never read more truthful words than Briana’s!
    I totally subscribe to each and every statement she wrote.
    If you want the most loyal and devoted friend than meet Ionia Anatolia Mariah Florescu-Martin.
    Thank you Ionia for honoring me with your beautiful friendship and support!


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